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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Thankful Found Kitty Mewz and Silvia Needs Your Purrz

Hiya! Angel the Fetch Kitty Here...  Dis am my turns to share Thankful Mewz and Purrz todays.

Yesfurday weze telled about
Ninja the cat
was losted in Wichita, Kansas while on vacation and gotted found and wents back to her family in Florida last weekend. Here am links to story:

Ninja got away when her family staye at downtown Wichita hotel on June 9 on way to Colorado. Renee and Brett Farmer of Sarasota, Florida, said they searched as long as they coulds before leaving Wichita. They kept in contact with Wichita shelters but thought Ninja was goned. Ninja was found by Friends of Felines when she started hanging out with a feral cat colony. 

Pilot Jeff and FOF Tammy Stubbs with Ninja

Tammy Stubbs of Friends of Felines said Ninja was brought in with 40 cats to do a Trap Neuter and Return at KSHS, when they discovered Ninja had a microchip. Ninja was taken to Cat Hospital - dat's da vet we used to spay Pearl recently - and she gots checked all over before her trip to Florida. Only had a wound on her neck that needed antibiotics and needed flea treatments.  

Her Mommy Renee said, “We are so excited about having her home,” said Renee Farmer from Florida. “My husband is on pins and needles. He grew a beard and is worried she won’t recognize him. Of course, she will...  Someone sent us a picture of the jet she is riding on and we are giggling. We can’t believe she is riding in on this fabulous jet. It is just such a sweet way to get her here. It is a dream come true. We thought we had lost her forever.” 

Katie Mom and me beleeves dats Ninja was being looked after by Kitty Angels... she musta bins cause a reunion likes Ninja's doesn't happen furry often here...

 And  then the most purr-interesting "coincidence" happened. When Katie Mom tooks Peach, the lost ginger cat into the Vet ER Specielty Hospital to check for a microchip, who should come in with a kitty to ER? Why Tammy Stubbs from FOF who helped get Ninja back home! Mom am bin needing to get back in touch with Friends of Felines and they exchanged information.  Another thankful that was just the rights timing from Above.

 Now we haz to ask fur lots of Purrz fur Silvia.

Last night Silvia went to ER because of chest pain that would not go away. She had numbness in her arm and hand. She spent most of the night there doing many tests and diagnosed that she had a "mini stroke" - Transient Ischemic Attack

She was running a fever, had swollen throat on top of everything else - which is really odd since she had just finished some very strong antibiotics. They gave her several medications including Plavix. 

She had trouble using her hand today and even dropped the litterbox pan. Please keep her and her five kitties in your prayers...Silvia's health may mean we need to find a home for her kitties soon. 

We also ask for prayer that her so much stress... we ask that if you would like more info to pray specifically or to give advice, please contact Mom at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

-Angel and Katie The Mom.
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  1. Those microchips sure pay off, great news! Purrs and prayers to Silvia from all of us here. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. So sorry about Silvia. She has been under a lot of stress for a long time. Hope she is okay, but it doesn't sound it if she might not be able to take care of her cats. :(

  3. What a relieve that Ninja is back. Granny's kitty was never found. She searched for many many years :( We send Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers for sweet Silvia and hope she feels better soon <3 <3 <3

  4. guys....we send purrayerz that silvia can make a compleet & full ree coveree.......we R sorree ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. We're happy to hear Ninja is back home. We're purring for Silvia

  6. I am sorry to hear about poor Sylvia, she does have a lot of stress.

  7. We are so happy that those kitties found their way home due to chips. We are all inside kitties but Dad has us all chipped just in case.
    Oh My we are so worried about Sylvia! Dad is a RN and says that although a TIA is much less serious that a full blown stroke it is nothing to sneeze at. We are purring that her hand starts working again. If the plavix is expensive she can ask her doctor about using aspirin 81mg instead. We purr that things go well and we will see if we can help some.
    Timmy and Family


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