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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday and How Cats Trust

Going through my cat picture files in my computer and ran across this poster... So true.

Although I don't remember how I found this, the original source is in the upper right hand corner.

The kitties and I are so furry thankful for all our blogging friends...

You keep the Mom going when her needs a mew burst of energy to look after all us kitties...

Please keep us in ur purrz.  Especially for Minnie Mew who loves people, but not other cats. If she is abandoned, I can't keep her in the bathroom forever.  Purr and pray that there is room for her at another foster or no kill shelter/sanctuary asap.

Will be posting a page that shows a list of the needs here at Katiez Katz so we can be a real  haven for wayward kitties. The page will show in the top links.

And remember to check out Winnies Wish Auction!
Purrz and Kitty hugz
Katie and the Katz.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hooray for Tuesdays and Teddy Bears

And Saturdays and Sundays And Mondays...
All of which I promised the kidz we would post sometime for Valentinez

Well we did manage to visit Sparkle cat's pawty on Friday.
But Mom ain't as young as her used to be... took a lot of naps this weekend!
At least my toe is healing rather well, still have to wear the silly hard open shoe in the cold snow!

Now Three Thingies at least, narrated by Lil Bear.
Go check out
Auction For Winnies Wish!
Our donated items are here:

Secondly, this pink teddy bear am fur Valentines... Mom  made this for all our furry friends!
Especially some amazing folks who helped us make it through another week or two til the Mom and Uncle Mike get paid... so we cans eat and has litter and stuffs.  It also art so was supposed to for the Caturday Art Blog Hop on Valentines... Please takes a copy of dis Teddy Bear!

And Thirdly,  Here am the selfie that didn't get posted on Sunday.

That am Minnie Mouse afore Mom brought her in and now she's in our bathroom... Mom kept trying to take her photo, but she kept running up to the camera to see what Mom was doing.  Her am a small black kitty with a white belly and she knows how to jump onto shoulders! All the way from the ground.

And she meyowls all the time cause her wants to be on shoulders and not in the bathroom... funny hungry girl...loves people and can't get enough. She scared of other kitties right now...and hisses thru the door. We not badz! Honest.

So Mom don't know where her came from, but her likes people and was very hungry and it am coolllld outside. Minnie didn't need to be out there. Her an indoor kitty that gotted lost or abandoned.... Mom will put a found kitty ad in the paper, and then try to find her a mew home.

Good Morning Tuesday!!!
Well guess we gots a new please adopt me girl!  Mom will show a better photo next Tuesday... Time for Mom to wake up Mike furry soon to go to work and den her has to takes Nana to appointment dis afternoon.

Benjamin Little Bear..time for a nap.

The Tuesday’s Tails blog hop is hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs. This is the blog hop that features shelter pets. Find a pet at your local animal shelter or rescue and join us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Short Update of Exhaustion.

Hiya, short Update... will update more by Thursday. 

Annette's 2 beautiful long haired kitties went home ahead of her last summer at 19 and 20 yrs - what a loving mommy. Her funeral was amazing yesterday. Even the governor came. Got to be with the family last night too.  (To catch up with this update, please see  Sunday Post and Friday's Post )

Really exhausting day where nothing got done, cause I lost the keys... took my brother to work so I could borrow his car to have lunch with friends who came into town just for the funeral and then get kitty food, litter, do my kitty care rounds for 3 diff houses (18 cats).  And nothing...

Mike had to find a ride home then he found the keys in the coat I used this morning, save I don't remember wearing the coat. Wish I could laugh, but I checked the bank and we're out of money for cat food and litter..and need both.

Many of the kids have to eat Iams or a corn free formula and we have to use pine litter (mixed with cedar or pine shavings) 

My husband's social security doesn't come for two more weeks.  Mike won't get paid for another two weeks from his new job. 

There is a donate button on my blog that goes to my paypal card - used exclusively for Katiez Katz. Thanks for listening.  I'm not eating until my kitties do.... Wait, that's normal! mol.

(My broken toe will be x-rayed again on Thursday.  Seems to be healing well, but slowly.)

-Katie Kat.
Cats Here at Katiez Katz waiting to be adopted asap:
Ellie May (Happy) and Mom Molly


Annie and Lulu

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Vet Selfies and Memorial For A Kitty Lady

Hiya all.... Bibi and (Happy) Ellie May here.

Bibi:  My human sister, Katie took me to ER vet Saturday before last...  (Jan 31) Cause I had an owie on my rump (anal gland burst)... I hate vets... especially the emergency clinic with big dogs... Most of all, I hate carriers.  But the vet gave me shot of Convenia and I am glad to feel better.  

I let Nana Mom give me pain meds by syringe once a day cause I know it for helping and my owie is healing really well. Thanks for all your purrz! Please keep me in your purrs, though cause my kidneys don't work right....
Ellie May (Happy) here... and I don't look too happy.  I went to the vets yesterday.  I like my vet okay, but this wasn't a very fun visit. My sisters have all gone to forever homes and I went all by myself in the no one to cuddle with and play with in the exam room.

Halfway to the vets, I looked at mom thru the carrier door and I just knew where we were going... well okay, Vet clinic was interesting last time...but when can I get out of this carrier! This trip am taking too long.

Finally at the vet I had to swallow a big yucky pill. Why they not put a flavor on these yucky things? That was not fun, but if it gets rid of the bad wormies and helps my tummy feel better then that will be really good.  Please keep me in your purrz, cause I am having trouble understanding being held and the vet thinks I should go to a mature home without children because I like quiet.

Mom Lady would like to find me and my Mom Molly a foster home where we can get attention that we need every day.  The Mom Lady has to looks after kitties in three different homes, so we usually see her every other day. 

The Mom said we can celly brate her purrthday next weekend along with Valentines Day, cause that will be after her goes to the funeral for Annette Hedke which am tomorrow and the Memorial Service which am this Friday.  (Annette died on the Mom's birthday.)

Us Katie Katz didn't get to meet Annette Beame Hedke (niece of a former New York Mayor), but she was a loving lady who purred (prayed) for everyone. Without her, many humans would not have trusted Daddy God and many kitties would not have been loved.  She had two pretty kitties and they will miss her furry much...   We don't yet know what will happen to Annette's cats.  Please purr for those kitties that their Daddy Person Dennis Hedke, who am a Kansas State Representative, will be able to keep looking after them in their Mommy's (Annette's) place. Dennis am usually up in Topeka during the week, so someone will have to kitty-sit or they may have to find another home.  Our Mom says Dennis am the kindest purrson ever with real integrity.
Annette and Dennis Hedke
Drawn from Menorah at Hedke's Home
Please let Dennis know you are praying for him and his family, which includes their kitties... 

Purrz, Benjamin Lil Bear, 
Blogging Assistant,
Katiez Furry Mewz.

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Friday, February 06, 2015

Fear Not Friday Good and Sad Mewz

(Happy Ellie with Laser Eyes... mol)

Talked to the vet Wednesday and come to find out, that Happy Ellie and her sisters did not get meds for Tape Worms in December! They got meddies for all the other baddies!  

So guess what Happy is going to get today?  Yep meds for tape baddies... Cause that's may be her problem... I saw wormies in her pooh in December and thought they were round worms... The vet assistant said I was describing tape worms!  Poor baby... no wonder she is still having tummy problems.  Will keep you posted about how Ellie does after the deworming. She may have a mew home... application is still pending.

Also today, I go to see the doctor about my toe and get scheduled for another x-ray...  Still my worst owie though... and I can't bend it yet...Going on seven weeks now.
Yesterday was my birthday... spent the day taking my mom to her doctor's appt... Had planned on letting the kitty kidz have a trashing party to celebrate on Sunday... But last night found out that a very dear woman died tragically yesterday morning.... I can't bring myself to organize a birthday pawty right now... or to ask for funds for my babies...

Without her, my husband and I would not have met.... Her vision led to a beautiful congregation of believers in the Messiah... both of Christian and Jewish backgrounds...

She never met a person she didn't care about, but for some reason yesterday morning, she went to the grocery store alone, fell by her car in the parking lot, and then was hit by an SUV and dragged 15 feet to her death...I am still in shock and sadness.


I know only two other Godly people taken away in such horrific freak accidents, one was singer Rich Mullins.  (The other - prayed for my husband who was sick with the flu and he became well immediately.)

So in tribute to my friend, Annette Hedke, please watch these videos:
Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus

Zemer Levav (Music Family who also knew Annette)

More Mewz furry soon.... Katie

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Words On Wednesday Bibi Emergency and Happy Selfie

BiBi at the Vets on Saturday
Missed everyone for Selfie Sunday... Some Good Mewz... Nana (my mom) is doing better from her cold.  My broken toe seems to be healing well, but still wearing hard soled open shoe and toes taped up.... Will be going back to my clinic for another xray... which is free!  Via Christi cut my bill in half from the ER visit, but still over $500. Will be contacting them today to get financial assistance...

Nana's Bibi went to the Emergency Vet Saturday... Anal gland had ruptured. She got a Convenia shot and is taking pain meds while the gland heals... $252.00. Thank goodness hubby sent birthday money (Birthday is tomorrow) - helped about half of cost. No money to take her for followup to Vets...  Thank goodness convenia shot and pain meds seem to be working!

A Happy Ellie Selfie
 "Happy" actually likes names that sound like her Mom's name, which is Molly. So been calling her Ellie May lately, as in the Clampetts Ellie May from the vintage "Beverly Hillbillies" TV series. 

Getting some calls about adopting Ellie May, but Molly and Ellie would be better together. 

And to make matters more complex, Happy Ellie is showing signs of a sensitive stomach: she bristles after eating and tightens her abdomen. She even had a mild reaction to having  Revolution drops back in December... she almost threw up.  Will start her and Molly on a Corn-free food, but I don't know of a dry kitten corn free food... so will have to use an adult food mixed with corn free canned kitten food, like Iams.

Hope a change of diet is all she needs, but she will also needs a cbc - blood work to check for signs of inflammation before she gets spayed. Will be calling our vet in the morning to find out the price for that... He does offer discounts. His spay prices are very high because he uses same monitoring equipment used for humans. 

Yet Ellie May needs to be monitored more closely due to her odd reactions to chemicals. The cheapest place I would consider (Cat Hospital of Wichita) costs 80.00, not counting her shots, office visit, etc. 

Ellie is one of five cats I am caring for right now that need spayed.  The other four are Ellie's mom Molly, Angel (a cat pulled from same home as Molly and her kittens), Annie May and Lulu. Annie May and Lulu had upper respiratories as kittens and should be more monitored during the spay process... which leaves out using the low cost clinics who do not use monitoring equipment...  I keep trying to save up money for spaying... and then another emergency, either kitty or human related has occured and uses up the funds saved....( and I'm still waiting to get new glasses after my retinal reattachment surgery on my left eye from two years ago.)  All my boys are neutered.... 

If you haven't checked this furry mewz yet....Trucker is a furry miracle!
Wonderful Trucker survived being thrown from a car... His story just keeps me inspurred....He knows he's a miracle too! Just look in those eyes.  More Mewz Later, Katie.

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