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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Mew Year From Happy Cat

Happy Melody and the Katie Katz 
Hope you have a Furry Wonderful Mew Year!!!
Christy in her new home

Happy, Molly (and Christy in back)
The Katie Katz are soo thankful that Christy has found a furever home...Six kittens plus Laura Belle have found homes!  Molly, and Happy are still waiting...

And please take time for Joe's Fundraiser to help Marg's dear Donkey who was badly injured. Click Here to Help Joe The Donkey We are so thankful Joe is healing. He and Smoke now have a wonderful place to rest. Although he may lose his eyesight in his right eye. To read more: click here.
And here is another update:
Joe Checks out his new digs...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Meowry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

Meowry Christmas to all our Furry Blogging Friends!!!

And Happy Hanukkah, Too!

For folks who sent out snail mail and email cards... you all helped make this season a brighter one.  I didn't even know we were on a list. 

Your overwhelming cards have truly kept me going as I struggled over applications
to find the right homes for my fur babies...

Meowry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
Thanking God for all of you. 

 You can copy these cards or look for an email!

And Now furry good mewz and mewz fur purrz...

Saturday, I broke a toe on my right foot... the next to little toe.  so hobbling around until toe heals... still need to get crutches.

Bobbie and Tailor have a furry good home, but Tailor is not adjusting well. She needs your purrs... her genetic make up more wild than tame... pray that she bonds to her new human.  Will be getting some Feliway to help.

Laura Belle has a furever home!!!  Hallelujah!  Yes, she has filled out a bit from her younger photo.  Just look at that smile!  And her new mommy will be getting her spayed too.

Purr for Christy, Happy, and their Mom Molly.  

Molly (in card above) and possibly Happy will be going to a forever home on Friday.  Christy may have a forever home. Still evaluating.

More mewz and photos this weekend...
Purrz and paddy pawz,
Katie and the Katz.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday Riley Finds Forever Home

"Thank you, Jesus for my little boy cat"

On Tuesday, I got the most interesting phone call from a kind Samaritan who wanted to help a woman at his church find a little boy kitty to call her own. (Funny thing about camera angles... Riley really isn't that big...)  He and the woman had gone to the Humane Society, but her kitty wasn't there. Then Tuesday morning, he just thought to look in the paper and saw my ad.  And I had just placed the ad Monday to start back in the paper on Tuesday!  He said he passed over another ad and just knew to call my number.  Tuesday afternoon, they came over and see Riley.  

Well Riley, bless his heart didn't want to leave me, and wanted to stay on my shoulders.  Yet this kind lady knew Riley was her kitty.  She couldn't wait to borrow a carrier. She held him close and walked out the door to the car!! I had several things to give her, like food and litter and a litter box, and new kitty kit from Revolution. So the Samaritan friend had to help carry everything to the car.

A few hours after Riley went to his fur-ever home, I received a phone call and the Samaritan friend who gave Riley's mommy a ride to pick up her new sweetie told me: "as soon as Riley's Mommy got into her apartment, she looked up and said thank you to Jesus..." 

He said that Riley was sleeping in a kitty condo climbing toy right now, and that Riley's mom said that "when Riley knows that I love him, he will sleep with me on my bed."
Riley also has a new 8 year old kitty housemate.

Purrz of Thanks fur Riley's Furever home!
And thanks and more thanks to all the furry blogging friends who keep sending us snail mail Christmas cards!  How did you all find my address???  Will send ever furry one an email card by Christmas Eve...  

Purrz and Purrayerz for the rest of my kittens and katz who need furever homes.
Christy (aka Christmas Tree on back)

Happy (Kitty Smiley face on back)

I did get a phone call from someone in Oklahoma who could give Riley's sisters, Bobby and Tailor,  a home. Yet he and his wife live 257 miles away and the trip down could take up to 4 hours.... 

Bobby and Tailor Playing

Katie and The Katz Gang

Monday, December 15, 2014

Urgent Mewz... Kittens Still In Need Of Homes

Thanks to all the folks who have sent the Katie Katz a Christmas greeting by snail mail!  Will hopefully get cards out to you this weekend.  Otherwise will be sending  an email!  My essential tremour is making it hard to sign cards this year... 

Good Mewz, my hubby was able to send greenies fur Hannukah/Christmas and I sold my Futura Tower Glass Art Table!  Maybe will be able to help my mother with her mortgage this month.  I helped her last month... Almost caught up.  (fyi: British Hubby is stuck in England while I'm stuck in America...)
Well thought I had homes for all my kittens... then two of the homes found other kitties to love instead.  And one promised home is starting to feel out of place for Bobby and Tailor.

Good Mews is that Candy has found a possible furever home...
Candy and New Mommy

Lil Manx Bobby is sweet and curious..

So here are the kids who still need homes:

Tailor only likes her brother and sister
Riley is a big sweet boy
Christy (aka Christmas Tree)
Happy (happy face on her back)
.Will be starting new ads for them tomorrow.... Should have left them in the paper over the weekend, but thought they all had homes... that's what I get fur thinking.   Please purr for these kids... They have nowhere to go as they get bigger....  They have to be rehomed now.

-Katie Kat.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thankful Mewz Update: Mittens was Adopted!!

Taken from his new Mommy and Daddy's cell phone... His new Mommy works at Banfield Clinic inside a Pet's Mart!  And he will have a human brother to grow up with who is 2 years old.

May have homes for all the sweet kitties by Saturday... Will post again this weekend about the kittens...

Well gotta go get Mittens sisters ready for their wellness kitty vet visit.  My vet hands out free kitty Revolution kits. The visit will leave me with very little money (about 100.00) until Dec 24th. My hubby is sending a bit of money (he's stuck in England - green tape) to help, but it hasn't shown up yet.

Will visit all our furry friends furry soon... And thanks to those sending us Christmas cards and postcards. Will be sending out a Christmas email.

Katie Kat.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Help Ferals Stay Warm

Happy Thanksgiving from all of the Katie Katz!!

Doobie (Tabby) and Toby keeping warm

And Now Here's Something fun...

Can you tell what game show Joey is watching??

Some Furry Mewz For Purrz: Help this cats and caregivers be Thankful today!

Sweet Hannah ~ of Hannah & Lucy ~ is at the vets, and she may need urgent surgery for two torn ligaments!  She's coming home from the vet with special socks on! Please send your strongest and most caring prayers and purrs to Mom Sue, and to sweet Lucy, and to Hannah … that all will be well soon!  Stay with her blog for updates … thank you all for your purrz.  Hannah's Mom, Sue has helped us Katie Katz several times... please help Hannah with funds, if you can....

Sweet and beautiful little Georgie is still at the vets, and her vet bills have been so very high. Many of you know that at the Wildcat Woods, Cheri and family care for many ferals and abandoned kitties (just like us Katie Katz), giving them shelter and food and all the TLC they need.  Please help now, if you can!  Lots of wonderful items from Cheri’s own Vintage Treasures shop are up for auction with new items added all the time. Please stop by several times!
 And please, please spread the word.  Thanks so much!

Please Help the Philly Ferals stay warm this winter....

AS WINTER'S CHILL blankets the Delaware riverfront, Teresa Reed and Tracey McKenna are losing time in a race that could mean life or death for dozens of abandoned cats in a colony at Pier 70 in South Philadelphia.

Since a promised donation of new materials to build shelters for the cats on the pier fell through in recent weeks, the women - two among a group of people who care for the 30-some cats there - are scrambling to track down enough makeshift kitty shelters to protect the felines from the elements.... to find out how you can help, please read the rest of the story
Women Race To Save the Philly Ferals...

To help by donating, trapping or fostering the cats of Pier 70, please contact:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Please Purr for the Kittens

The pawsible home mentioned in a previous post didn't turn out... yet I am praying for the special family who contacted me.

Will be having some folks meeting Molly's kittens this weekend... please purr that these cuties go to wonderful furever homes...

Good Mewz - Bo O'Riley has a new home!  He will be going to keep a very special young lady company while her husband is deployed in the military...

Also I am selling photo prints... some are of the kitties.  25 Percent off until December 1st. I hope to post more photo prints during the sale.

If you might be interested, please see

Oh and please keeps my brother (from another, the kittiez Uncle Mike in your purrz... Several months ago, Mike lost his assembly job that he had for 14 years.  Now he's about to start a new job, overnight stocking and unloading.  Not the assembly job he hoped for and at a much lower pay than before.... Kansas lost their unemployment extension funds and his unemployment was about to run out.

Going to be a very tough Christmas for us kitties, trying to pay mortgages, utilities and keep the Katz gang in food, litter and flea meds. In fact, Lil Bear has been sneezing off and on with a kitty cold, too. 
BiBi needs purrs for her kidneys.
Nana's BiBi is still in need of much purrs as well... please see previous post.

Lil Bear has been sneezing

Please pray that Mike will be able to find a better job very soon and / or go back to school.  (There may be state funds available for retraining.)

More Mewz furry soon!!
See you fur Thanksgiving, if not sooner.

Purrz from Katie and the Katz.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Furry Mewz 4 Purrz


The cats and I haven't been blogging cause got some sad newz... and we don't like sad newz... so we're going to call it Mewz 4 Purrz

First some good Mewz 4 Purrz.

Yesterday I placed an ad in the local newspaper for Molly's kittens... and this morning, a furry kind lady who is disabled called, looking for a grey kitten for her grand daughter who has special needs.  Her grand daughter is a miracle girl who wasn't supposed to live. Yet now she is three years old!!

Mittens would be the purr-fect kitten for a special young girl.  I felt that God had a very special mission for Mittens...

The kind lady will talk to her daughter about coming to see Mittens.  We are purring that this is Mittens special mission, to love a special needs girl and her grandmother. The grandmother said that once they find a cat or dog to love, they keep them fur-ever!  We would be able to visit Mittens and see how he is doing and keep you posted on his furever home, too! 

Please purr for Mittens and this very special family that they are the purr-fect match for each other.

J.J.'s Kittens Update
On October 19th, Uncle Mike and I were able to set up the kennel cage and capture J.J.'s two black kittens... which are both girls and we discovered that the tabby that I caught on the 17th is actually a boy.  Since the little boy looks like My mom's (Nana's) kitty BiBi, we're calling him Bo...

Mike and I took them to the vets for their check up on the 27th and discovered that the little boy had broken one of his baby fangs. The broken tooth was painful. (Day before the vet visit, the sweet boy had turned skittish.)  The vet put him on antibiotics and pain meds. He finished his antibiotics this past week and his tooth is doing really well. He's back to his playful, sweet self! Bo is going to be a big stocky boy when he grows up.


Lil Bo's cute black sisters are Bobbi (Tail-less) and Tailor ( has a tail). The vet gave Bo, Bobbi and Tailor worm meds and free Revolution kitten kits!!!  They are quickly adjusting to indoor life and slowly getting to know the other cats at Uncle Mike's house.  Their Mom, J.J. is staying around outside and eating on the covered breezeway between the house and the garage... We were able to borrow a large dog house and are setting it up for the cold weather coming Monday night.  Hopefully J.J. will seek refuge in the dog house or the open attic above the garage, instead of the abandoned house far away from her food source.  Will post more photos of J.J. and her kittens, as well as the little video from the vet visit.

Now for the really purrsome Mewz...

BiBi at Christmas Time
Nana's cat BiBi needs lots of purrz. Several months ago, Nana noticed that Bibi had been overly drinking water and going to the bathroom lots and lots...  BiBi had a senior checkup two weeks ago.  

She is 13 years old and her kidneys are failing.  She may live a long time yet. She needs to eat canned food, but only wants to eat Kitten Chow... BiBi is very picky. Sometimes she will drink tuna broth.  Does anyone know a good broth to try or a canned food that your picky eater likes? 

Please keep BiBi in your purrz.
We will keep you posted on how she is doing... and get a more current photo.

Purrz and Paddy Pawz,
Katie Kat and The Katz Gang.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Molly Tells About Nana Update and JJ's Kittens

To: Blogging Cats (and their Humans)...
From: Molly

Thank you for all your purrs and prayers for the Mom's Mom.  After going Via Christi Immediate Care (vs  Emergency Room )  Our Nana is getting better... She has a very bad and painful UTI. Please have your human tell you what that is.  Cats can get them too and they can be very painful and you have to take yucky medicine, sometimes pills that are so big and hard to swallow!  Nana still needs a new MRI to check her head to make sure no more bad tumours are growing.  The good doctor at Immediate Care Suggested some very good doctors for Nana and the Mom to visit.  Hopefully Nana will have her MRI soon. 

Thank you so much for sending your purrs and funds to help me and my kittens... The Mom says they might be ready for their forever homes in a few weeks... and then I can get spayed. I love my kittens, but would really like a break and not have to worry with more children in the future...

Now the Mom tells me about another mother cat named J.J. and her kittens that are at Uncle Mike's house and they are living outside.   One of the black kittens has no tail!  J.J. looks like her brother Joey.  Joey and J.J.'s mom is a black cat named Yubie (aka Hubie).  J.J. is from Yubie's second litter.  The Mom has not seen Yubie in a long time, but we are all very glad that J.J. came to Uncle' Mike's house to be fed and cared about.  J.J. is shy of humans, but wants her kittens to have a good life.  

So far, the Mom was able to bring in the tabby kitten and found out that kitten is a girl... so now Tabby Kitten is in the bathroom.  She was very scared at first, but now lets the Mom handle her a lot... but she is missing her littermates and J.J. very much and cries alot when left alone in the bathroom... 
Please purr that the Mom can capture the other two kittens so they can have a good life and help Tabby Kitten not be so lonely.

The Mom is going to put J.J. and the other kitten's food inside a kennel cage and when they all go in, she can close the door... but J.J. may get too fraidy.   If only J.J. knew that the Mom is good people so she could learn about the wonderful world of indoor living...

The Mom hopes that J. J. will stay close after the kittens are brought into the house, so that she can get spayed... 

Back to remodeling the blog... The Mom needs to get all my kittens posted in a blog page so that when good people answer the ad for my kittens, they can see what my sweethearts look like...  and of course the Mom and I will interview everyone and ask lots of questions so we can find the right home for my girls and my little boy.
Will keep you posted about my kittens and J.J.'s kittens while we work on the blog stuff.

Love and Purrz,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Going to the Emergency Room

Mom's headaches are so severe this morning that we are headed for ER.

Dr. Joanna Tran, my mother's so called primary care physician sent her a letter two months ago, basically "firing" my mother from being her patient.

A more complete review of this doctor is on Angie's List.

Please keep my mother in your prayers.
Will post an update as soon as I have more information.



Monday, October 13, 2014

Mollys Kittens from Friday Oct 3

Growing and growing....
Just last Friday the 10th, the Little Boy (grey tabby) finally graduated from lapping kitten replacement to crunching Purina Kitten Chow. One of his big sisters likes canned Kitten Fancy Feast, while the other two prefer crunchy kitten food!

Will show more photos "furry" soon.

Sincerest apologies for posting there would be more kitten photos to see on Saturday, October 4th and then no post on October 4th!  

To make a long story short, my mother (sometimes mentioned as Nana or Granmawmee) had a brain tumour removed more than ten years ago. She is experiencing similar headaches and extreme mental tiredness. She has not been physically well lately either.  Please pray that the tumour has not returned and for her overall health.  

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Katiez Furry Mewz will be under remodeling...
When we return, there will be
page tabs about all the kits and more furry stuff.

Purrz from Katie, Uncle Mike, Nana.

And The Katz Gang:
At My Home: Molly and Kittens who need homes furry soon
and Angel (boarding till her dad is well).

Nana's Kitty Bibi
My Kids at Nana's: Katie Too, Maxwell Tigger, Bootsie Woo

At "Uncle Mike's" (my brother from another mother)
Outdoor Feral: J.J. - daughter of Yubie and sister to Joey, Laura Belle, Lulu and Annie.
J.J. just showed us her 5wk kittens a few days ago (photos soon. J.J. is a tabby that looks exactly like Joey.  Posted earlier about a calico who had kittens somewhere who may be J.J.'s sister. Have not seen the calico since September.)

Indoors at Uncle Mike's: Toby, Lil Bear, Doobie, Oreo,

Who Still Need Homes or a Sanctuary:
Tommy, Miri, Sammy, Jordi, Jazzpurr and Boo Boo.
Joey and his littermate sisters: Laura Belle, Lulu and Annie (girls still need spayed.)