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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daizy Tailz on Toosday: Silly Shoo Clurks

Hiya! Dis iz Daisy! Ize posted a furry funny sample entry fur da Furry Funny Fotoh Contest! Pleeze Goh chek dat out!
Bout Katiez Mewz Yesturday Katie onlee gotted too commintz! I tole Mawmee Katies blog too long. Still datz impawtant noos! Pet oxygen masks fur kittehs n doggies! Our Firefiturz gotted 12! The Invisible Fence Company of Central Kansas will donate 30 morh reel soon! Our city now offers free pet adoption fur families who lose pets in fire. More bout dat here: Saving Pets in Fires

A Tabby Boy Findz Sheltur Katie say a Mawmeez werks neffur dun... Guess she rite. Dehr waz a kitteh cryin under da back porch. I goh tell Mawmee sumbodee iz cryin out dehr! Kins I goh out side? Mawmee hurd him cryin soh she made me stay inside (pooh). She wents out and meowed wifs him till he comed out frum hidin! Him iz brown tabby skinny boy and oh soooh hungree! Him freezin n shiverin! Boy duz he talk alot and wants ta git his nose inta evfurryfing! Furst I liked him, but him pushie and Ize da pooshy one! ...Mawmee callz him Maxwell Tigger cuz him smart n silly too. Maxie ated lots and lotz. She gaves him vitaminz, warm blankies and box in bafroom. Hims gots hoo hahs so us young gurls gits supurrvised visits. Dat meens hims in colder room frum heetur. Bafroom iz warmur din outside wif leven degreez sleet n stuff, but Mawmee gots ta sort out how ta keep him warm and get hims hoo hahectomee. We gits fotohz uvs him furry soon.

Now Ize tell my tattle tail.
Da Case uv da Silly Shoo Clurk.
Dehr onse was a Mawmee, but not in Franse. Hur lived wif hur babeez behinds a furry bad train wher dey triez ta stay warm wif one heetur n noh furnase.

Now she waz lookin fur sum warm wintur shoos and wentz too a Famous Footiez outlet storh. She saw dey had da same shoos she botted afore frum Kohls dat was made by Skechurs. Hur thot now deze here shoos cant be bads a thurd time! Soh she tried dem on, botted dem and walked out uvs da store wearin dem!
She hads one morh plase ta goh and dat was da postie offise. She walked in to gits our mail frum da postie box and notissed sumpin wrong wifs da rite shoo! Hur inner ankle on da rite foot hads no suppurt. Hur foot was cumin out uv da shoo! She stood dehr and compaired! Da opening on da inner side uv da rite shoo was cut too low - but da inner side uv da left shoo waz just rite! She finks oh noo! Not again! And why da rites shoo fur three timez? And alwayz sumpin diffurint?

It was late thurty, soh she tooks dem baks da next day! Dey lets hur return dem, but dis iz whats da silly clurk said: "They are not defective. The cut on the left side of the right shoe is the same as the left side of the left shoe."

Den Mawmee say, "No... shoes are opposites of each other. The inner side of the right shoe can't be the same as the outer side of the left shoe, unless you have two left feet!"

Da Clurk shrugged. "Well I dont know why they made the shoe that way," and he set them aside to put back on the shelf!

Well dats my silly tail fur today. Mawmee say "Here's ur sign."

Bye Bye,
Daisy May Daffodil.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday Mews: Furry Oxygen Masks

Katie's Furry Mews
Dis Week Feeture Stohrie: Oxygen Masks fur Babiez iz bein donated to Fire Departments!!
Furst uvs all - weze gots a repurrt bouts our furry funny fotoh contest. Weze gettin emails alreddy on how ta entur dat! Bootsie is moduratin cuz she won da funny sisfur contest. Ize helpin doh, cuz dis hur furst times ta do sompin dat impawtant.

Dependin on donashun response, we will gifs out a tee shurt wifs ur funnee fotoh fur each Cattygoree! Ovfur wise ta Tee shurt will goh to a grand winnur n den we gifs out ovfur prizes....likes ur funny fotoh on da purrtend cover uv "Cat Fancy" maggazeen.

Now membur dis iz furst fur fun n ta helps us all stay united furry bloggers while da Grinchiez holes our eckonomee stuffomz fur ransome. Purceeds furst gohs to buy prizes, den rest gohz ta make sure our Granmawmee dont lose hur house and ta helpz pay our bruffurs vettie billz. All our bruffurz iz ovfur da bridge now. Fanks to kind blogger beanz, weze gotted dehr urns home fur Chrissymouse n Hanukkah!

Cuz uv dat, Auntie Bibi - dats Grandmawmees furry baby - saids dat at least ten purcent of donashunz fur our contests shouds goh to a fund ta helps ovfur babies n beans huntin fur werks and mites lose dehr housies too! Soh weze gonna doo dat!! Hear iz wher ta goh fur da furry funny fotoh contest rules n stuffoms - and pleeze writes to furryfunnyfotohz(ats)gmail(dot)com fur hows ta entur and any queshunz bout dat. Please use da donashun on da side uv dis hear postie. or go to our funny fotohz sites.
Now secundlee... here iz a bit uv noos bouts our Mawmee.
Fanks to sum kind beans, who helped in our furry funny sisfur contest, she kins gets sum warm wintur shooez!! Save she hasnt found onez dat fits hur yet....She checked out Athletik Werks, but dey was too shorts fur hur feets! Daisy gots a funnee storee bout dats tomorroh.

Also Ize lurnin dats a Mawmees job is nevfur dun!! I wants ta bee an onlee child and hafs Mawmee all to myself, but I gotz ta share hur wif my sisfurs and now a furry cold brown tabbie boy kitty was cryin under our porch! Mawmee brotted him in and feds him n gave him a warm blankie box (Thanks Spirit n Ezra's Mawmee Breanne fur da blankiez!) ta sleep in da bafsroom. Mawmee iz callin himz Maxwell Marvin Tigger, cuz him waz smart ta finds hur n starvin silly, likes Starvin Marvin n Maxwell Smart!

Daisy tell u morh bout Maxie tamorrow. She likes him... I wants him ta goh way. He not my Spunky Boo. He not my Sandy boy. At leest hims not Smelly Snow Baby.... like I said a Mawmees werk is nevfur dun.
Now to our MEWS Fur TODAY!
Valentine the puppy yawned during the announcement that The Wichita Fire Department now has 12 pet oxygen masks. And the city now will offer a free pet adoption service for families who lose pets in a fire. More bout dat here: Saving Pets in Fires
Following iz frum Thursday, January 22, 2009 as seen ats The Wichita Fire Department accepted a donation of pet oxygen masks from the Invisible Fence Company, who agreed to donate 42 masks. Twelve masks donated costing about $28 each, will be immediately available. Remaining masks will be delivered later in 2009.

"With the addition of this life saving tool, we have greater odds of resuscitating a pet that would normally succumb to smoke inhalation," Wichita Fire Chief Ronald D. Blackwell said. "Thanks to the generosity of the Invisible Fence Company, firefighters will be able to return beloved pets to their families."

The past few months, fire crews have battled a number of structure fires where pets were victims of smoke inhalation. Resuscitating pets is a challenge because the oxygen masks currently carried by fire crews are designed for humans. The Invisible Fence Company decided to donate oxygen masks designed to fit pets. In order for the masks to be available at all fire scenes; masks will be placed with Battalion Chiefs and Safety Officers.

Fur more news bouts masks gettin donated, maybee in a town near you! Try dis in da Google or Yahoo search stuffoms wif quotes: "Adoptions, oxygen masks donated" or "pet oxygen masks donated" or dis linkie - Yahoo Search Furry Oxygen Masks Donated

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter CEO,
Kat Renee Purducshunz.
(Mews iz repurrted hear fur Educashun purposes only)
photo by Dave Williams/The Wichita Eagle
Wichita firefighter Mike Winn demonstrates
one of the new oxygen pet masks donated to department.
Masks were donated by Invisible Fence of Central Kansas,
represented by Beth Ericson and her dog, "Secret".

Cellybratin Our Hundredth Postie!!

Wow! Did we doo dat?? We Did!! We DID DAT!!!
Tank You fur lissening!!! Hundredth Postie!!

Our Cellybrashun is under way!!!
Fanks to da kinds furrie babies n beans dat voted fur da funniest sisfur,
we haz a winnur uv dat!! Lil MISS BOOTSIE WOO!!

And fur winning, she gets ta moderate our hundredth postieFurry Funny Fotoh Contest!!!!
FURST UVS ALL Enterin n Votin in dis CONTEST IZ FREE! But weze ask if u kan, pleese donates sumpin towardz creatin da prizez - which we wants ta be a furry funnee shurt in each uv da Cattygoreez!!!! Weze finks deze shurts will cost less den twenty Amerikan green fingz includin postage ta send. Weze wants to sends a leest 4 shurts - 1 fur each cattygoree. And it all dependz on ifnz enuf donashunz cumz in. (We may haves a winnur purr areaz in each cattygorree ifns enuf monee gets donated. ifnz dat happinz, we hafs a diffurent prize pur area winnur)
Each winner will getz a teeshurt wif dehr funnee fotoh onit! Pleeze use da donatin button located at da top of dis hear bloggie. Furst proceedz will goh to makin da prizes. Leftovfur proceeds will helps da Katie Katz pay dehr vet bills and Granmawmee pays hur mortgage soh weze don lose our livin plasez!!!
Dis contest will goez on at least til Feburrywaree 5th, cuz datz Mawmeez purthday. It may gohs on longur ifnz we dontz haves enuf entriez in each cattygoree or enufs donashunz ta covfurs da awards. We wants ta do dis hear contest ta help cheer evrfurryones ups dats haffin trubbelz likes we iz.
Ifns U wants ta enter dis contest,
pleeze email furryfunnyfotohz (atz) fur how ta enters dat.

AND Rites Now We is THROWIN a PARTEE!!!

In a furry warm plase.... AUSTRALIA!!
Soh we kin play wif kangee roos n havs a minty juleps wif our
Aussie Frinds n stuffoms like dat. So ifns u wants ta stops by we gotz lotsa room in da rented housie by da beech.

We mites visit morh den one beech, but dis fotoh iz uv Collaroy. Weze kins play wif da sand n chase burdies n stuffoms.... Mawmee gets out da kitteh life jackets!!

And weze gotted a whole noo bloggie schedule, Too! HERE IT IZ!!
Katie Furry Mews on MondayzIze tells about fings in da news.
Daisy Daffy Tails on Toosdayz
Daisy hasnt tolds us whats all she doin.

Wacky Wordiful or Wordless Windydayz
Thumpinz on Thursdays Wif Mousee,
Our speshul Needs Kat who will talks about fings likes uvfur speshul needs babies n nutrishun n health stuffomz.

and of course Furry Cutesie Bootsie stuffoms on Fridayz!
Den Weekends is Furry Free Furr Allz and Auntie Bibi will Guest star on Sunnydayz!!!
Luvs and happy stuffomz
Katie Too,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pleeze Vote fur da silliest Sisfur! (Postie 99)

Hiya Effurry Buddees!

Mawmee made deze furry funnee fotohs! (Furst one iz Daisy. Seconds one iz Bootsie. Thurds one iz me, Katie Too!)

Pleeze votes on which one u fink is funniest or cums up wif nu linez dats weze kin votes on! I
fns u can donates sumpin, pleeze helps Mawmee gets sum furry warm shoez!
Da Case uv da Furry Bads Shoez.
Onse upon a time, but not in Franse... a Mawmee lived wif hur furry babeze in a furry cold howse behind a scarree trane trak. Sum furry nise kittehs help da babeez gets a heetur ta helps keep warm.
Now dis Mawmee went huntin abouts too munths agohs in nofembur. She wents huntin to finds sum furry warm wintur shoez... She wents ta dis plase Kohl's and dey hads sum furry nise warm black shoez dats fitted hur. Dey was made by Skechers n waz furry blak wafflestompurz. Dey hads eyelets fur da shoo shoo stringz.
Whens she gotted dem home and wore dem onse... da fings dat holds da shoo shoo strings cames out!! Sohs Mawmee wented bax ta Kohl's and dey gived hur nuver pair. Den in Decembur, da stichins cummed outs of one of dem n dey was fallen aparts.
Da furry babeze tole Mawmee dats dehr must be bad gooblin at dis Kohl's plase...
U gotta takes dem baks agin!

But Mawmee say din I not gotted noh Wintur shoez!! Mai feeties is freezin in deze hehr cloggiez!
Den Katie say...
U gotted dem fur bout sumpins weeks n den day fells aparts. Dats not rites!!

So Mawmee takes dem baks and dey credit da Kohl's cardie wif dat. But Mawmee comedid home wif noh more shoez!
Soh Daffy Daisy tried ta cheer Mawmee ups... she say,
Mawmee you gotted warm feeties fur free!

But Bootsie say Whats about da rest uv da wintur?? Ice Cold feeties belongs on Gooblins, nots on Mawmeez!
Soh Auntie Bibi who is furry smart like Granmawmee said to Katie - Puts sum funny fotohs wif capshuns uv you guyz on da bloggie n gets peeples ta votes fur which one is funniest!
Den Mousie Gurl say... who is furry quiet til sumpin gohz likes eureeka in hur head!
Dey coulds cums up wif funnier capshunz too!

So here ya goh Weze Gots Dez Funny Fotohs... Which one is da funniest?
Kins you all fink uv sum funnier lines fur dem? Evfurry buddee iz welcumz ta purrteeceepate.
And ifns u can, pleeze donates whatevfur u kin affurrd....whatevfur dat iz. Rememburs dats weze luvs U and all da Cat Bloggisfere no matturs what!!

(All da furry babees n Mawmees dats bin helpin us wif stuffoms n commintin n purrin fur us will be puts on our Film Purrducshun furry evfur gift list - Dat meenz U gets a CeeDee uv whatever we make a film uv ifns u wants one!! And weze tells u all about Mawmees adventures in gettin ta be a funny aktress! And secret stuffoms dats we iz workins on in our film purrducshun stuff...on a nuffin budget)
Pleeze helps Mawmee getted new warm shooze!! Skechurz tooks dem furry bads shooez off der webbie!! Mawmees lookin fur a size 9 (narroh heel ifns posseebul) - sumpinz like deze ones but higher ups da ankel.... She purrin dat she finds dem and on hur nuffin budget dat woulds be a furry m irakul!!

Katie Too, Furry CEO uv
Katie Katz Purrducshunz

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundaes n Furry Boxes n Stuffomz

Hiya evfurry buddeez.... babeez n beanz.
Dis iz a furry boxie update frum Katie Too, Offishul spokespurrson fur Kat Renee Purrducshunz.

Furst uvs all -- da secondz boxie came frum KC n hur Mawmee!!! We shows dat purrtees soon - Dat second boxie gotted toofie brushez init! Petzmart sented us goggie... umm... doggie brusheez. Why dey doo dat? Weze not goggeez! Weze gotted small toofeez. Sohz Mawmee wents huntin to da Pets Smart store n traded fur Kitty Toofie Brush kits!!

Herez sum fotohz of da furst boxie. Here iz da KC button weze founded in dehr....n a calendar wif kittees onit... lots of kittees onit.and A big KC Shurt dats Mawmee wearz... its furry bigs ---
- two uv Mawmees kin fits in dehr!!
Here sum bean stuffoms dats waz in da box... Mawmee gave sweat suits n thermal fashun tops n large petite sweat pants to granmawmee. Hur needed dems ta werz ta go plases likes ta see doctur dentists n stuffoms. Dehr waz a green blankie fur granmawmeez bed sohs Auntie Bibi coulds snuggle wifs Granmawmee.
................ Mawmee kept da pink kittee peejayz n go sleepy teez n da slippurs n leggee stuffoms.
How KC knoh Mawmee needed black tightz???
KC iz lookin at all da othur stuffomms: da wittel hangin kittee babeez, toyz, grass seedz, cardz, soap & oils fur makins da house unsmelly.... oh we played wif dem leppurd ballz alreddy. Bootsie tooks da fethurs off!!! Now fethurs iz in Mawmeez dressur drawerz!! Auntie Bibi claimed da twitter twirler -- dats why only da card fur dat toy iz dehr.... KC on da TeeVee iz askin da kittee babeez... wher dids da twurler goh??? Da kittee babees repurrttin dat Bibi gotz it!! n She hidded it frum da flashy fing! (we shohz fotoz uv Auntie Bibi, da tabby tuxie reel soon...)

Now MAWMEE IS catfienated!!!!

Deze hear bagz dey gohz in Mawmeez big blu bag soh she knohz wher all hur stuffomz iz!!! Fanks!!
How KC knoh she needed demz????
Haves a sunnee Sundae!!
wif chocolatez on tops.... Katie Too

Purr Exxes: Dat nu Sunbeam heetur iz now Howse tested by Dr. Katie n hur furry assistants, Ms Daisy May, Bootsie Woo n Mousie. Dr. Katiee recommendz dis heetur fur warmin babees sayflee (Werks on less den 15 amps!! no braykur problemz!! ) and dis only 40 green papurs at Walmartz!! =^..^=

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wordiful Wednesday - Heetur update!

Hiya Evfurry Buddeez!!

Mawmee gettin da idea dats nobuddeez needs helps writin anyfing... or no buddeez wants helps back!!

Otay... soon as hur art studiohz is fixedid - she send u all sum furry drawings n paintings den. And whenevur weze gets our moveez dun - we sends dat on DVD too!!

Hear iz da Heetur update!!

Fanks to Walmart gift cardz n KC at da Cat Bloggiezfurr sendins us stuffomz dat Mawmee could return... (sum fingz didnt fits - update on dat furst furry box soon as Walgreens fixes dehr defeloppy fing)

We gotz a noo heetur!
Mawmee say dis iz heetur iz frum SunBeem

Sunbeam(r) HEATERS
Low Profile Heater with EcoSmart(tm) Technology - Model: SLP3310-UM
* Low and lean design stays out of the way
* Digital thermostat with multiple heat settings
* Eco Smart options to help save energy and money
* Silent, convection heating circulates air evenly
* Ideal for medium to large rooms that need consistent heat
* Eco Smart(tm) options for energy savings
* Adjustable wattage control
* Overheat protection

Now dis heetur iz 12.5 amps n weze only gotted 15 amps to use
datz burrowed frum Granmawmeez house.

Soh We needs evfurry ones ta purr dat dis effishencee heetur dont blow granmawmeez braykur!!!

Ovfur fings we gotted at Walmarts:
Foodies fur babies n beanz
Bean Meddies fur Mawmee n Granmawmee.
Gloveez fur Mawmee n Granmawmee
Warm Sockees fur Mawmee
And git inna box toy wifs thwee round holes on da sides

one fur each sides n den da bak aint got no hole init.
We gotted Bootsie a cutsie pink harness but she couldnt figurez outs how to walks init cuz it waz reely fur goggeez. Sohs we tooks dat baks n used da money towardz da heetur!

(Weze still needs harnesses likes da one dat Daisy da Curly cat wearz. Dehrs a fotoh in uv hurs watchin buttrflies go bye bye. Any babies knohs how ta gets one likes dat??? Petsmart dont gots one.)

Happy Wordiful Day!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
offishul KC Repurrter

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Purrteee Pleeze!!

PURTEE PLEEZE!!?!?!?!? Sends us your writin helps n cuestionz and Compootur problemz??

If any beans knohs a reel plase ta works online frum home? Tanks u!

Tattle-Tail Toosdiez 101

Weze tellin on Mawmee dat she not sleepin...
cuz she worried bout green papur fings n huntin fur us and gran mawmee n our daddy purrson.

Weze cold Mawmee... go home and gohz ta bed wif us!!
Katie Too wanna Get in sleepinz bag n get Warm!!
Otay... Katie tells you sumpin den Mawmee goh home n goh ta bed.
Fur all u kinds peeple dats helps us n our Mawmee wif sendin gift kards n boxies n answers too stuff n donatin green fings wif da donate button n stuffoms??
We wants ta helps u bak!see Mawmee guds at writin fur us cuz she likes writin stuff!
Dis iz frum hur rezoomay:
·A+ Computer Hardware/Software Technical Training, with basic training in Networking.
·PC Internet Technical Support Representative for Inbound Call Center.
·More than 10 years using MS Office: Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Access.
·Editing, English Tutor, Journalism, Novelist, Proofreading, Publishing, Research & Technical Writing.
Ifns u needs help writing sumpin, Mawmee kan do dat fur u!!
likes novels, essays, poemz, term papurs n legal stuffoms n web artikulz -dats anyfing!!!
Sends a copee whats u iz writin n she kin proofreedz it n makes it bettur n sends it bak to you!! or ifns you needs resurchin dun bout anyfing... or ifns u gots any kinds uf writin quesshuns.
Send dat to laugh_safely ats
Or ifns u iz having trubbles wif ur compooter - u kin asks hur bout dat
and she kins find da answer fur you!!
U kins leeves a question in da commints or sends an email!

OTAY?!? Nite nite... we goh ta bed now n gets up Toosday sunny time.
Katie Ann Kitty TooOfishul Mawmee Warmer...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Kwix update n Stuffoms

Hi ya Effurry buddeez!! Dis hear iz Katie Too, Jr. Comik CEO of
Da Katie Katz wif a kwik update!
We gotted our donates button configured out!!
Tanks to all uv our frinds dat walked us tru dat!!

Our bruver frind Mike tooks fotohs fur us
uv dats furry big box uv stuffoms from KC
he tooks dem to Walgreens fur defeloppin-

n he tooks Mawmee food huntin n fed Mawmees n our Granmawmee
n feds Mawmees big rumblee go bye bye fing!!
ooh.. Mawmee say dats a car...
it gotted furry hungree n needed nu taggin...n Mikie fixed dat too!

n Now Mawmee gotted a big shirt wif
KC offishul Repurrter on it!!
n weze gotz a button dat sayz dat too!!
Soh guess we betturs gets doin ofishul
guest repurrtin stuff.

oh n Mawmee donts wants ta takes ta shurt off... its catfienated!!!
andee wayz uze gets ta see what dat meens furry soon!!

Luv Katie Ann Kitty Too.
Offishully Certified Eccentric n Ornery
jus likes Mawmee....

Friday, January 02, 2009

Furry Boxes n Stuffomz!!

WE GOTZ A BIG BOX uv stuffoms FRUM KC n Da CatBlogosphere!!
U guyz iz our heroes!!

Weze gonna takes picshurs n stuffoms to keeps da smiles n happy stuff goin!

We gotz a pay pal account now ---- MomsBusy saids dehr iz a tab at PayPal dat shows how to putz da html on our site... but didnt finds it!! Any buddez knohs wher dis tab iz??

Luv n happy first weekend of 2009!

Katie Too
"I love my cats because I love my home...
and after awhile they become
its invisible soul."
- Jean Cocteau

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Twas New Year's after Hanukkah

Twas sum days after Hannukah and all tru da house...

Katiez Katz gotted all smellee... even big ol Mouse....

So Mawmee gotted da litter pine stuffoms, peppermint oil and cleaned up
our boxiez!! Tank u fur da gift cardz to Walmartz!

Dis Smelly Cats Song is fur all us Kitties dats needs nu dietz or nu boxiez...sumtimez... I likes da line in da song bout one day we smellz as one!!.

Mawmee sayz in England dey callz hur Mummee... we like dat.
So Mummee iz gonna sets up Pay Pal sohs we kins gets off da "V" List!!
Dats Volunteer Comedian n Actin List... n Gets on da "PtH" List!!
Dats Pass the Hat List!!

Tanks too all our furry fans n frindz...
Mawmees gettin a thirsty minute act togevur!!
And she gonna be furry funnee at dis Coffee House wif no Smoking....
Moking is okay doh.
afta dat she puts dis nu act on tape
n lets all you guyz laff...

Bye Bye

Hoppy Gnu Ear!
Katie Too

Hiya evfurry buddeez dats suppurrtin da Katie Katz... Weze dont understand da paypal ting. Mummee hads an acount long times ago but itz all diffurent now! which one iz we supposed ta sets up n how much duz dis cost??

Katie Too.