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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updatez n Stuff

Hiya.... dis am Tommy.  I babysit my six kittiez and keeps dem in linez at the Momz brudderz house.... actually I just keeps Jordi out of trouble mostly and ask the Mom when can I go outside agin??????  As you kin see, I amz an adorable hunk.  Da vet calls me hur linebacker!!
Now fur da mewz.  My daughter Miri am doing reel goodz!!!  Fanks fur alla dem purrz fur her to be goods and not hurt herself.

Her stitches ams healing real good so far.  Plz keep purring dat hur heals ups alla da way.  And hur am a much calmer kitty now acshully!  Maybe hur not slap my nose so much now! (Miri iz my only gurl and hur gets fed ups wif so many boy catz in da house sumtimez!)

Now fur other mewz.... The Mom checked into our friendz at Jan's Funny Farm, to findz out dey waz given a spot on Pet Moz!  You can read about dem at Featured Friday: Jan's Funny Farm: Full of Life, Love & Laughter.  And in dat artikul u kin see dere Percy sacked out, snoozing and snoring amid all da cushunz.   Datz furry good mewz!

Unfurshunatsly, the Mom haz bad newz.

Some bad bug bit our pooter and broke da operating system. So weze ams borrowing a nuver one until the Mom gets a better pooter frum Uncle Mike, hur brudder.  And weze needz a newer modem wif a better firewall!  Our modem/router (ATT Two Wire) am likes more den twice az oldz az me!  and I dont know how many olds I am.  I finks I am two maybe.

Da Mom finks a newer modem/router and an updated operating system (bin running XP) likes Windowz 7 mite have bit dat bad bug afore it bit our pooter!

Da Mom bin keeping most of da files on a separate hard drive (D) from the C drive. I reelly dont knoh what dat meenz, but wif Miri'z help (dat smart gurl takez aftur hur mommy Maggie), the Mom waz ables to move da files on C to D in Safe Mode, so we gotted effurting!! And weze got a back up of almost alla da files at!
The Mom just had to put D drive ina nuther pooter! Now hur just gotta finds out how to keep saving our filez n stuffs from a difurnt pooter. The Mom will talk to da Carbonite folks tomorrow.

We knowz Bootsie purrmiced dat the Mom would share hur recent artwork wiff u, so we try to do dat before Chrissy mouse and Hanukatz posts.  Also, Miri am helping da Mom puts togevur a photo collage of my kidz and me to puts below da banner photo showing Katie Too, Bootsie Woo and Maxwell Tigger.  And den after Chrissymouse, da Mom will write bout seven bloggiez at leest bout me and my we needs furever homez, and Maggie da Mom who disapeared.

Purrz, Tommy da Daddy cat...

(snoozing in my brother's computer chair. Also pleeze purr fur me, too.  I have to have a sonogram today, a followup on a mammogram three weeks ago due to three questionable areas on my right side. - the Mom.  )

Monday, December 05, 2011

Miri had her Lady Surgery Monday!

Hiya Furry Frindz,

Dis am Lady Miri Gentlepurr... Ize just had my Lady Surgery Monday afternoon.

Dis am Monday nite and I'm driving the Mom crazy cause I wanted to run all over the place as soon as I got back home!!
I'm a little loud purr ball wanting lots of tenshunz (attention) and lovins and Mom is having trouble keeping me in the bathroom til tuesday morning.

I thinks the sleepy medz has gone to my headz!  Instead of being dozy like my brutherz waz, I'm all high and hyper....  So can you purr for me to calms down and be a goods gurl and not hurt myself?

Dere is a bits of red on my incision so pleze purr dats I gets all well wif no compurrlicatshunz... (complications).  Cause I do haves an auto immune purrblem sumtimez.

(Earlier this year her paw kept getting swollen along with her lip.  She had to have some steroid shots.  The doc just said it was an auto immune disorder.)

Purrz n stuffs to one and all!!!  Hope efurry onez had a goodz Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Mom was shy bout dis

Hiya effurrybuddy

The Mom finely hads sum time to let us use da compootur. 

Hur haz bin takin carez of hur mom... we callz hur Nana.

sohz herez our Live Strong postums now
cuz da Mom waz furry shy bout talkin bouts cancer.

Dis why da Mom am shy bout dat....
see hur hadz a cancer scare long before we waz borned. Da doctorz did an autopsy on dis wart and it waz precancerous.  Sohz dey used sumpin to kill all da skin round dis bad wart and it hurt a lot.  but so far it not comed bak.

Sumtimez tumorz can be as deadly as cancer.
Our daddy purson had a tumor in hims kidney dat burst and him waz furry sick back in 1996.  Dat waz a mirackle him survived.  And him also hads a tumor on hims brain when he was furry young - bout two years old.

Da Nana hads a brain tumor removed about ten years ago - now hur haz aphasia and severe hyperacusis, which keeps her from going to normal places likes churches and walmarts.

{ the Mom here:

Aphasia is literally an impairment of language ability, which can range from having difficulty remembering words to being completely unable to speak, read, or write.  Sometimes most of ability is recovered thru physical therapy.  "Nana" couldn't even speak right after surgery.

Hyperacusis is defined as a collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sounds. This can be caused by inflammation of the ear drum or dysfunction in the brain itself.  A dysfunction of processing sound in the brain can even cause someone to fall while hearing a loud noise, which happens to "Nana." Both of these disorders can result from brain surgery.  The "daddy purson" (my hubby) also has a milder form of aphasia and hyperacusis. Both "Nana" the "Daddy Purson" have have actually gone into a state of shock from certain loud noises. }

In Mom's fambly three other peeplez hadz tumors, two in der brains and one haz a tumor behind da eyez.  Da fambly dat hads brain tumors did not survive likes our Nana did.
We purrz fur alla da cancer and tumor survivors and dehr famblies.

Katie Ann Kitty Too

Monday, October 03, 2011

Quick Note Bout Live Strong

Quik Post Note:

Sumpins happened to our LiveStrong Background.  We just fixed it and dont know if it showed on October 2....

Katie Kitty Too

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bootsie Mewz: Purrz fur Sweet Praline, Miss Peach, Beau and Opus

Update on da update... 

Dis am Bootsie... fur folks dat has bin askin... My health iz da bestest.   I iz goods and happier now I hadz my lady surgery last April.  I loves rolling around and getting tummy rubs even more den ever!  My scar is hard to findz!!  and I iz furry glad bout dat!  And Mom sayz da bloodworks waz goods and dats I hads all my shots n stuffs.  I am turning 4 I finks... Mom is gonna chek on dat.

Whilez we ams bin gone from bloggin, sum furry sads fings happined.

We am furry sadz dat Sweet Praline has gone over the bridge. We amz honored and blessed thats the Mom got to draw this beautiful angel last year before hur went over the bridge.

We am glad dat Sweet Praline am watching over Truffle da sweet kitty now at Paula's house onda Sweet Purrfections Blog.

We am furry sadz bout Miss Peach goin over the bridge. We love Miss Peach and hopes to meets da gentle kitty in heaven.

Yet her iz waiting fur her Mommy, just like my kitty brutherz n sister, Sandy, Snow Baby, Boo Bear n Mouse amz waitin fur our Mommy n me sumdaze to be wif dem. And other kittiez dat I dint gets to meet yet dat Mommy loved am ther, like Sammy, Jason, Aone, Kitty and Marbles.  (Aone n Kitty waz our grand mommiez cats).

We am also sadz dat Mr Beau's Mommy went to heaven.  Yet we know dats when Daddy God calls Beau home, he will gets to leap into Cathy's arms! So we amz joyfull bout dat part. Psalm 91.  To leave a message, send flowers, etc. to Cathy's Family, go here:  For Mary Catherine Davis.
See Also Beau gets a new furever home.

Me n Katie Too am gonna be lates to Gracies to congrats Opus on himz purrthday.  Opus Birthday Pawtee!  (chek out da comments for how I fell in da punch bowl.  I hear dat Opus laffed so dats okay cuz lafter iz goodz medicine!)

And weze makin a joyful mewz dats Opus amz 16 hooman yearz old!!! Hooray!

Purrz and stuffs,
Miss Bootsie Woo,
da roll around onda table kitty

P. S.  Two more comments and Ize Post sum drawings the  Mom dids last year!

Coming furry soon:  postiez updates bouts da foster kittiez at Momz bruthers howse:
Miri, Sammy, Toby, Boo-Boo, Jordi, Jazzpurr and Tommy der Daddy!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bootsie Woo Update After Sugery

Update on Bootsie after her lady surgery on Friday.

I asked Cat Hospital to board little Bootsie over the weekend so they could keep an eye out for any complications.
(They also did routine bloodwork before the surgery... still waiting on the results.)

I picked her up Monday afternoon.
Poor sweetie had a bladderful and relieved herself the moment they put her in the carrier. (I'm wondering if she didn't much like the litter box they gave her.) Stopped by a store and got her a little blue lap blankie. After I switched out the old soaked towel, she was so happy, that she started paddy pawing the new blankie!

Got her home and isolated her in the bedroom from Max and Katie, so she could rest. I made a little nest with the blankie and she rolled round in it. Would show you photos, but the USB transfer cable is hiding somewhere...

Bootsie smelled like icky perfumed clay litter and fresh urine. The little sweetie let me give her a paper towel bath moistened with baking soda water, while she rolled around on her new blankie.

I'm concerned that Cat Hospital did not give me any antibiotics or pain meds to take home with her as that was normal procedure at Indian Hills Animal Clinic. Yet so far, Lil Boo's incision seems fine, but I'm surprised at how long it is on such a short little girl. And she doesn't seem to be in much pain at all, just a little sore.

Will write another update tomorrow and hopefully the camera cable will wriggle out from hiding by then!

Katie Kat

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nooz Furr Purring Bout

Hiya Furry Peeplez!

We have so mush to talks bout and tellz u.... like how the Mom swallowed a soda can tab on hur purrthday and hads to go get x-rayz... and me and 3 of my 5 brothers tested negative for Leukemia and weze all turned 1 year old we finks sumtimes dis month!

We ams going to have sum good posts bout us six babies and our purrsonaliteez furry soon to helps us find our furrever home(s).

....And Daisy May Daffodil bin staying at a no-kill sanctuary called Meadowbrook Farms to gets hur lady oppurayshun. Cause after Daisy gave birth to hur kittens in 2009, hur been stressing out and kept using da water bowls for hur toilet... and da Mom tried evfurrting to helps hur not do dat. Din Daisy started chasing Bootsie alla time til Bootsie would not comes out and eats or nuffin. Soh Daisy went to dis sanctuary to get looked after and have some rest from stress.

Furrst we haves to ask u to purrs bout deze fings.

Bootsie Woo am getting Spayed today. Dat shy tuxie girl in da banner dat am hiding under a chair will have hur lady opurayshun today. Bootsie am going to Cat Hospital of Wichita, a furry good clinic wifs a goods vet named DR. KELLY JONES, DVM. Dr. Jones loves kitties and I likes hur too cuz hur helped me get over bronchitis when I waz bout 3 months old. Soh pleze purr fur little Bootsie Woo. Hur am a 3 year old small gurl at only bout 6 and a half pounds!

The Vet at Meadow Brook Farms had a bad heart attack - hims name am Dr. Brooks and needs alla purrz and tail wags he can get to recupurrates. Dr. Brooks loves us furr babies and horses. He waz so kind to Mom when her was crying bout Daisy needing helps. Dr. Brooks is a gentle soul and we ams so worried bout him.

The Mom has not been able to contact the Safe Harbor Rescue at Meadow Brook Farms to finds out how Dr. Brooks am doing and if alla da 60 sum dogs and kitties are being relocated or not. Deze dogs and kitties includes Daisy May Daffodil. Soh we don't know if Daisy has a new home yet or if dey needs helps or funds to takes care of deze babies.... Pleze purr for Dr. Brooks and all hims horses and furrbabiez. If you can, pleze call or write dem to let him know dats u ams purring and if you kin helps in some way like spreading da word dat dogs, kitties and horses may need urgent help in Kansas!

Now furr our Speshul purrsentashun.... Da one and only Miri-Go-Round!

Purrz n Paddy Pawz,

Lady Miri Gentlepurr.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Mom turned 50 Today!!!

Hiya!!! Da Mom turned 50 today!!

To sillybrate.... we ams having a weekend trashing party!!!

Do stops by and helps sillybrate... ummm cellibrat... um wizh hur happy burthday!!!
We gotz catnip cakes and cookies and stuffoms for all da folks dats comes by!

So bring your favorite treat and help us share with everyone while we trash da house....

Purrz n stuffomz!!
Katie Too, Bootsie Woo, Maxwell Tigger
and Daisy May
Miri, Sammy, Justin, Toby, Jaspurr, and Jordi