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Friday, August 30, 2013

Indubitably Doobie Repurrting

Hellow every furry purrson, So much happened sense last post dats da Mom haves been tireds and starin at da pootur wif writing blocks.... Ize hads lots of cat naps soh me do da post today.

Furst we knohs its am Fridaze, but weze wants to say a Thankful for Thursdays.

Last week da foster lady (dat waz lookin after Angel an hur kittens) gotted really bad hurted.

Some mean man clawed her wif a knife.  Her gotted slashed under her arm and her neck and hads to go to hospital. We ams so furry thankful her am alive.  

Weze also thankful her proudly served in da military.  And weze am sooo thankful dats her lovez animals and loves helpin save dehr lives.

Buts we am mads dat all da news medias repurrted dat her waz da one wif a knife...  dats sooh dumb... how cum u am all dum, Newz Repurrterz???  (Plz helps da mom tell deze newz repurrterz how dum day are and comments on deze articles - links above. Plz looks fur the moms comments. Ifns u wants more info, just email da mom.  Fanks!)

Thankfully dat mean man waz all rested... noh dats not right... MOM!!!

Oh... him was Arr Rested.  dats meen him was growled at, puts in a cage and cant get out!! YAY!  Bad Man go bye bye!

Last week Mom got Angel n Kittens cuz da foster mom can't look after them now.   

Day stayin at a house Mom's fambly needs to sell. Mom checks on dem evfurry day. Dayz doin real goods... and bout 4 weeks old.  Dayz eatin sum soft yummies and nursing wifs Mommy Angel. 

Seconds, Laurie and Lulu ams doins much betters now from the sniffles.  (Weze am Thankful dats Annie not gotted sicks!) 
Annie May
But Joey had to haves a different antibiotic.  Da Clavamox not worked fur him and him was wheezy and stuffs last weekend. Soh Dr. Johnson. gave the Mom sum doxycycline and cerenia fur him.  Hur crushed da doxycycline in Joey's foods n him ate it! Da cerenia pill am small n easy to takes wif food.  Joey now nots haves any wheezies.... 

Well da Mom hopes to gets my nieces and nephew, dats Lulu, Laurie, Annie and Joey, dehr lady and gentleman opurrayshuns furry soon and her am still looking fur dehr furever Mommies. And Angels 4 kitties gonna needs to find dehr furever Mommies furry soon too. (here am Laurie, Joey and Lulu on da couch)

Purrz Indoobietably,
Uncle Doobie Davey.
(I'm trying to talks the Mom in keeping me wifs hur... I gots a plan....)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Joey and Lulu got Sniffles Too

Well looks like me and Lulu gots the sniffles too.  Good thing dat Dr. Johnson gaves the Mom lots of Clavamox to takes home... Mai nose am funny doh... it gets stuffed on one side only!

So far Annie... aka Lilah Tov and Uncle Doobie am nots sneezing!

Me n Lulu am taking Clavamox now too.  I don't minds the taste much... Lulu likes it okay but Laurie don't likes it no mores. So the Mom gives her a treat of tastey canned foods for taking her meds.

Longer Postums later...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Mewz and Purr Mewz


Furst sum all dis am Joey and guess what I am 5 pounds!!!
And I not even 5 months old yet!  Ize a big boy!!!!

Ize not Lil Joey no morez!  Ize big Joey! and Ize gonna get bigger! Whee!

the Mom says Ize looks like a wiggle wif sum skin stretched over.... hear I'm sleepin wifs Annie.

In the day I'm mild mannered Joey.  By night, I'm actually NIKE Cat! Dis my side kick, Tigger Boy. Weze a Fighting Crime Duo likes Batman and Robin!

Next sumpins am that Angel and her kittens are doing real good. And der foster mom used a natural remedy on ta little kitten with the swollen eye and dat worked purrfectly! dat kitty am all betters now!  Hallelujah!  Rezon Mom donts got new photos yet cuz da foster lady and Mom gots ta gets their schedules lined up!  The foster Mom works as a waitress and am only off a few days of the week.  Dis last week the Mom was all tired out and stuffs and dint have transport sooo her gonna try to gets together wif da foster Mom dis weeks! 


Now for da fing to purr bouts... my little sister Laura has gots da sniffles - stuffed up nose and sum wheezies.  So the Mom tooks her to Dr. Johnson yesterday (Caturday) morning.  da rest of us wents too.

We all gots our weights and lungs checked ta makes sure dats only Laurie had da sniffles n stuffs. Alla da rest of us ams fines.
Lulu am doing goods, even though hur breethes faster than me n Annie when weze relaxin... Dr. Johnson said dat mite be normal fur her.  Lulu am 4 and half pounds!

Annie am doing real goods, but hur am silly and dont likes to be held... Annie am 4 and a 1/3 pounds. 

But little Laurie am just over 3 pounds!  And dats fines cuz hur just gonna be a normal sized gurl.  Hur not have no fever or dehydrated or nuffin... just sniffles and sneezies and trubble breethin.  She taking Clavamox again.  If her starts sounding better by Monday... den dats be goods and she takes all her meds for bout 2 weeks... but ifns she still sounding sniffly and wheezy, den Dr. Johnson wants to try her on a kitty allergy med.

Weze all gots to thanks da Mom at Forty Paws who made it pawsible fur Laurie to sees da vets yesterday!!  Thank you Merceda!

Her haz a great website and one of her babies needs purrz too!  Her kitty Smokey has small-cell lymphoma in his intestines. He hasn't been feeling too good for a while, and had exploratory surgery on Tuesday. His biopsies showed the cancer.

They will start him on Chlorambucil and Prednisolone and see if it will go into remission. This is very sad for them.   His brother, Obi, crossed over in May and Smokey is only 11 years old.

Pleeze pur for Smokey and let her know you am purring!  Hur gave to us and now her haz needs fur Smokey....

Thanks fur listening and purring...
Your Furry Big Boy
Joey, alias the Nike Cat.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dry Pet Food Recall

Procter & Gamble recall some dry pet foods due to potential salmonella contamination
Associated Press CINCINNATI– 2 hours 25 minutes ago

Consumer products maker Procter & Gamble is recalling some of its dry food for dogs and cats due to possible salmonella contamination.  No illnesses have been reported to date.
Procter & Gamble Co. said that the recalled products include certain Eukanuba foods for both puppies and adult dogs, and some Iams puppy and adult dog foods and kitten and adult cat foods. The products were made during a 10-day window at a single manufacturing site. 

For a list of the specific types of food recalled, visit or
See also Cat Blogosphere Article:

Salmonella can affect not only the pets that consume the tainted products, but also the owners who handle the tainted kibble. 

Pets with salmonella may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Some pets will have only a diminished appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. Owners whose pets display symptoms should contact their veterinarians. 

Salmonella symptoms in humans include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. In rare cases, there can be more serious ailments such as arterial infections, endocarditis or heart infection, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation and urinary tract symptoms. Anyone with symptoms should seek medical treatment. 

Consumers who have any of the recalled products should stop using them and throw them away. Consumers are also advised to contact Procter & Gamble at 800-208-0172 or at or 

P. S.  I checked my bags of IAMS and my bags start with 972.  The Iams recall bags all start with 318 or 319

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Felled Asleep

We waz gonna do a real post 
Monday nites for Tuesday
but we waz all sooo relieved bouts havin a phone again 
and Angel and hur kittens doing sooo goods 

at da foster Mom... see note below...

dat weze all felled asleep.

Longer postums later....
We visits and email our all our friendz
furry soon. 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Phone Line Repaired!


Angel's kittens are doing great!
Including the one with the swollen eye.  Infection is gone!
Kittens are opening their eyes and ears now....

Will break out a post tonight!

Katie Kat.
Joey and Lulu want out... mol

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Angels Kittens have eye infections

To all our Furry Friends and their Humans,

Please tell Cat blogosphere that Katiez Furry Mewz has been down since Saturday night. Bad Storm, Lightening - phone and internet dead. Prob won't be back up til Friday. Leaving this msg from library computer.

Angel the Mom cat lost three kittens. She and the surviving four are with a foster mom now whose uncle is the head vet at our local zoo.  (three white (2 male 1 female), One black male.

But kittens have eye infections (only a week old) and one of the white kitten boys has very bad infection in left eye - may lose his sight and possibly need surgery later to remove.  Foster Mom has contacted uncle today for advice and help with treatment.

One good thing - foster Mom is thinking of keeping the kitten with the bad eye .

plz pray for Angel and her kittens.

Will post photos after phone line is repaired.

Purrz, Katie Kat.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Taking Angel to Emergency Vet

Taking Angel to the Emergency Vet.
She's panting and won't stop.

Thought it was the heat yesterday.  She may be in labor with an 8th kitten that didn't get born.
She's had several antibiotic dosages now.  So something is seriously wrong.

Plz Keep purring and praying.

Katie Kat.

Angel Purrz 4 A Refuge and Joey's Nike Mark

(Sorry so lates... Furry Friends plz email the Mom and her give update fast dat way... Sumtimez wif all us kitties to looks after her gets tired and goes sleepy...  Purrz, Lil Joey)


 Taken on August 1st after Angel had at least one dose of antibiotics...
just before getting a bowl of watered down chicken broth.

Dearest Furry Friends and Forever Momz n Dadz, 

Wonderful thing about The Vet Visit on August 1st -- Dr. Brooks called in an antibiotic for Angel to my pharmacy! He prescribed Amoxicillin, which is the main ingredient in Clavamox, the common antibiotic used for dogs and cats. Amoxicillin is on the discount meds list - only 4.00! 

She gets her antibiotics mixed in with a bowl of canned kitten food twice a day. Dr. Brooks also said that he would see if he could find someone who could give Angel and her kittens a refuge. LAPP is too full and the Friends of Felines secretary has not called me back.  

The main challenge right now is that I have no place for her to stay - other than in the kennel cage on the porch.  Yesterday morning, it rained again which helped some with the temp, but still got to 93 around 5:00 pm with a heat index of 103. Thankfully it didn't last long and the cage has a reflective tarp to ward off the heat.  She has a stoneware bowl full of cold water (with ice in the afternoon) and a big bowl of Kitten Chow / Iams mix all the time.  Also giving her extra fluids - home-cooked natural chicken broth with bits of chicken and fat.  Around two this morning (more rain!) she got canned "replacement milk," good for moms too.

But I'm fighting flies and mosquitoes to keep away from her food and the kittens.  Got some fly traps to keep the flies away.  Have one of those candle lights to help with the mosquitoes, but this kennel cage refuge can only be temporary. She has to be moved to a safer environment.

Will be calling Dr. Brooks this morning to find out if he has found anyone and how desperate Angel's situation really is.  I don't believe in coincidences, but do know from experience that God guides his creatures.  There had to be a reason Angel gave birth where we could find her. 

On a less urgent note:

Joey's mark on his back looks more like the Nike logo than the letter 'J.'

 Very interesting.... ???

Thanks for all the purrz for Angel
and all the Katz here at KFM.

Katie Kat.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Angel Mommy Update

A wonderful Vet is coming to see Angel and her kittens.  He will be here in around an hour.  His name is Dr. John Brooks.  He used to have a no kill animal sanctuary called Meadowbrook until he had a stroke in 2011.  Dr. Brooks is the vet that took Daisy May Daffodil when she was too stressed out and she needed a calmer environment

Now Dr. Brooks does Veterinarian house calls. 

More update furry soon.

URGENT POST Another Mother Cat Had Kittens

Among the kitties who stop to eat from the outdoor food bowl on my brother's porch, a white pregnant cat started visiting about a week ago.  She was soo large, I was sure she had at least six kitties and would soon give birth.  Last time I saw her was around Monday...  so hoped she had gone somewhere to have her kittens and we'd see her soon.  Hoping she had gone next door at the empty garage where Yubi had her kittens (Joey, Lulu, Pattie and Laura).

Well it's been raining and raining here in Kansas for about a week now.

The rains finally let up enough to mow the lawn. 
Yesterday evening, Brother goes outside to get the yard ready....lifts up old couch overturned near garage (needs chopped up for the trash service to take it away....),

Mother cat, now known as Angel and seven new born kittens were under there, lying in the grass.  They had to have been born sometime yesterday... 

She took off across the street and waited to see what we were going to do.

My brother came running into the house to get me...And we proceeded to take the kittens, put them in a clean carrier - no door, then put the carrier in the big kennel cage and we put the cage in the same spot we found the kittens.  I tied a rope to the door to the kennel... put some food in the cage and waited.... Eventually she went into the cage and I closed the door.

I called two animal care taking orgs in town, Friends of Felines and LAPP.  FOF hasn't called me back, but did get a hold of  Pat at Life Line Animal Placement.  

Even though LAPP already has tons of kittens in foster homes around the city, Pat said she would help find someone who can take them if Friends of Felines doesn't get back to me.  In the meantime, Angel and her kittens are in the kennel on the front porch with a tarp to reflect the sun off the cage.

Angel and her kittens now wait for someone from LAPP or Friends of Felines to take them.   Unfortunately, she has lost two kittens... One seemed to be barely hanging on when we found them... the other was struggling to survive with fluid in its lungs...  (see photo below. The two who went over the Rainbow Bridge are in front part of the carrier.)

Angel appears to have a possible upper respiratory infection going on.  Her eyes look red and swollen. (Possibly from the couch which had become moldy from all the rain.)

I put some penicillin in her food.  Hopefully that will help... No idea how healthy the other five kittens are.. but they do seem to have very powerful lungs.  Of the 5 surviving kittens, at least 3 are mostly white and one black.

Will keep everyone posted on this new situation. 

My brother's neighborhood desperately needs a TNR campaign.  Been speaking to a neighbor who is looking after another mother cat and kittens. According to him, there is another neighbor who actually brought a bunch of male cats into the neighborhood, put flea collars on them and let them loose... haven't substantiated the story yet, but I have seen several "feral" cats with flea collars, including my four rescued kitten's long-haired orange dad.

Hopefully LAPP or FOF can take Angel and her kittens sometime today.  If anyone can donate any money at all, I will give it to whoever takes Angel and her kittens.  I have 25.00 in the kitty emergency fund that was graciously sent via Paypal back when Joey may have needed his hip x-rayed.  Will add that to whatever else comes in.  Thank you for helping Angel.

Longer Letter Later.
Katie Kat.

Purr S.
Ifnz u would like ta help financially with out paypal, plz email and I will send you our snail mail address. (laugh_safely at yahoo dot com)