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Monday, September 22, 2014

Calling all pet bloggers fur Dezi's Mom

Weze interrupts Movie Mondays agains... fur dis specially pawtant mewnouncement. 

Dis am Katie Kitty Too... I don'ts blogs lately cause uvs all da younger kits needs their turns, but when it am Time For Claws... den I gets dem outs!  

Our Mom am sooo mads... about How our Friends at Deziz World am being treeted.

Weze knows not many folks stops here on da bloggiesphere, but weze am sooo mads dat we hopes sum folks will joins us to call and writes deze dumb peeples and tells dem to 

STOPS DAT!!!  and blog about dis too.

As lots of u mites know,  Dezi and Lexi's Mom am disabled... and Dey ams having da worstest purrblems with dehr apawtment.

Furst deys need lots of remodeling cause uvs a flood in a nuther pawtment. But did the housing management fix Dezi and Lexi's pawtment after dat flood?  Nope...

Da furst of September, Dehr Mommy had to call and writes everybody, including teevee just to gets her pawtment fixed and gets set ups in a motel whiles dey fix her pawtment.

Well finally dey gotted moved to a motel whiles dehr pawtment gotted worked on.

Den last Caturday, Dezi and Lexi and Mom returned to dehr pawtment to finds there stuffs everywhere, all the furniture in really dumb places, boxes that belongs in bedrooms was stuffed into the kitchen, and stuff like fridges replaced that were just fine, and doze movers used her good towels for caulking, left leaky drinks on her antique table and ther awful cigaretted butts in her trash!!

Dehr Mom could not even gets to her bed to sleeps and dey gots a toilet dat nobody can use! It too small!  Maybe it supposed to be for kitties who are toilet trained, but dehr Mom can even reach it!  Dey replace all sorts of stuffs, but da moldy sink in da bathrooms that was supposed to be replaced am still there!!!

Dehr Mom called peoples, and when sumbodies comed fix this mess, they just stood around and argued that they weren't gonna move anything!  

Anyway if you haven't stopped by their bloggie, you just gotta reads it fur your self... and sees da photos. And dis am just one of them... See how Dezi and Lexi's Mom can't even get to her bed to sleeps????

Nobody oughta be treated this way...

Our Mom am sooo mad that her am gonna tells our Daddy and weze knows how our Daddy gets mad at dumb peoples and managements companies... weze know him will call deze people and tell them what fur... kindly in British...  But dey will know that even folks from England knows better.

Well Lexi's Mom left some email addies in her bloggy, and we used dat to finds the main website.  So's weze asking all pet bloggers to "kindly" call this management company and tell them that the way they am treating our Friend Audra High and her Kitties Dezi and Lexi am not rights and we will nots sit by quietly and let them do that.  

Da Cayla snoopervisor mights be kinda nice even if her am kinda dumb fur a hooman, so weze askin to be polites but firm with all dat you writes or talks too... cause you might just be talking to someone who ams looking to finds a better company to works for...

Da website of dis management company am

For some dumb reason, the only phone number we could find on their website was for
the hard of hearing... but here it am for Oklahoma: Oklahoma TDD # 800-522-8506

People to email:

And here am the website fur Belmont Communities in Oklahoma:

Dehr am lots of dem sooo.. weze mite call all of dem and kindly tell how we don't likes how Dezi and Lexi's Mom am being treeted...

Ain't dat rights, Lulu?


Weze knows not many folks stops here on da bloggiesphere, but weze am sooo mads dat we hopes sum folks will joins us and call or writes deze dumb peeples and tells dem to 


Purrz and Clawz
From Katie Kitty Too
And Lulu Girl.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday Thursday Kitten Vet Photos

We missed Wordless Wednesday - so here am Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday!
Photos from Molly Mom and Kittens at vets on Monday... Mom was being examined, while kittens figured out the world of slippery floors and sitting on shoes... At one point, two of the girls decided shoes were a good alternative to the floor... One sat on my sandal.. and the other on the Vet Assistant's Shoe.

For Wordless Wednesday.


And The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - Comparing Notes on Slippery Floors and Sitting on Shoes.

 Fur Thankful Thursday...

We ams thankful to go to vets on Monday and gets our eyes cleaned... and auntie biotix. 
And that the Katie Lady tooks 34 fleas off us little babies on Wednesday!!!
(using of all things, Tuna Vegetable Oil - Molly cleaned it off afterwards)

FYI- Molly and the kittens came from my mother's neighbor, a single mother who is very overwhelmed financially...

Although Angel, the other cat I also picked up at my mother's neighbor, was out of food and water at the time she was not thirsty or hungry.  However, Angel was in the basement because one of the dogs kept trying to hurt her. Angel and Molly do not get along and have to be in separate rooms.

At the time I picked Molly and kits, Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection (LAPP), the only no-kill shelter in town, had recently pulled two mother cats and kittens from the kill shelter to keep them from being PTS for simply being kittens and a mother cat.  LAPP had no room for more kitties.

So I took Molly, kits and Angel in, even though I had no place for them and was overwhelmed at the prospect of looking after more sweethearts...

Long story short about what was wrong with the house (that needs to be sold) mentioned in a previous post.  Will share a fuller story later...

The house where Molly, kits and Angel could stay had something wrong with the water and a weird odor through out.  I was getting congestion and thought it was the mineral ceiling tile dust, although that tile is still bothering me. I couldn't see how I was going to be able to keep everyone there and spend the nights with the kits, when every time I ran the water, there was this awful rotten egg smell. The weekend of the 6th I called the water dept and left a message. They called me back on Monday, the 8th.  All I had to do was set the hot water heater on the highest setting for at least three days!  A heat resistant bacteria had settled into the hot water heater!  And that poor house had been like that for months and months and I thought it was something coming from the water supply, since the house was close to the river... duh.

Well I ran the heater on high for 3 days and the majority of the odor disappeared and I was able to breathe in the house again!  However I'm still using bottled water.   The hot water heater needs to be drained to get rid of the dead bacteria... the water still smells like dingy dirt... and I'm going to get a water filter for the kitchen sink. And a whole house filter later. 

Purrz of More Kitten Mewz Furry Soon...  -Katie Kat and Molly.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Wittle Kitten Update.

Good thing the Mom tooks Molly and kittens for followup from the emergency vets...

Dr. Johnson said Molly supposed to gets at least two weeks worth of anti biotix and da kittens needed aunti biotics too!  And some eye ointment for da eye gunkies...

And dat new Vet ER lady not gives Molly enufs meds and not gives none to the kittens neether.

Littlest kitten am 10 oz, dats da boy grey kitten and da biggest am 14oz, one of dem cute white and black spotted girls...
Mom finks dey am big enuf now to gives baths in Dawn Dishwashing stuffs, but her not know what the mixture of Dawn to Water am... Her gonna find dat

Mom post up new cute vet photos fur Wordless Wednesday!


We Needs more adopting Mommies and Daddies!
Purrz from Angel's Lil Bear. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

More From Mollys Kittens

Sister wants to nurse where brother am nursing...
Photo taken 6 days ago... new photos furry soon...

Molly is impacted again... she may need a different antibiotic.
Babies are fighting off a virus meanie. One of the kittens has been a bit wheezy.
Will be taking all to vet today.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 Aren't We Cute?

(2 weeks, 4 days.  Longer Post Tomorrow - PC in one house, Molly in another.  Gotta go feed Molly..and check on Angel (Angela).  Was going to move the fambly to Uncle Mike's, but too much for Molly to handle... Only had to feed Junior once on Monday... Molly am making enuf milk... fur now. So thankful had just enough in kitty emergency funds for the ER visit. Won't be able to replenish that back until next month.)

Monday, September 08, 2014

Molly gotz Mastitis

Dis Update for 5:00 AM.
Mom finks her and Uncle Mike gots Molly to the vets just in times afore da Mastitis gotted real bads and kept Molly from having good milks for the kitty babies.

The vets gave her Clavamox and pain meds.  The kittens gotz some eye infections and the vet helped wipe dehr crusty eyes wif warm water. And in the light of the vets office, Mom found a few mean fleas still hiding on the kittens.

See the grey kitten? Dat am a boy. The other kittens are big girls... Him had lost some weight yesterday.  Mom found out at the vets that him couldn't go potty cause of bads green stuff dat plugged him up. So Mom wiped him wifs a warm towel and den him could go potty... But dat green stuffs made Lil Junior hurted.

Those big girls takes all da milk. Mom tried to get him to drink bottle milk, but him not like the milk too much.  After Molly had her meds, she let the babies have a meal, but Lil Junior not find a nipple wif milk in it!  After one of those big girls had some milk, Mom took the girl and held her awhile so Junior could eat.

Well this morning, Mom woked up and the babies was sleeping and stuffs. Mom fed Molly some fishy foods and then called a friend about bottle feeding Junior... Our friend takes in fosters sometimes, but she can't right now... so she told Mom how to use a syringe by going "drop, drop, drop" on the baby's tongue so him can swallow dat.  Mom has gones to store now to gets a syringe and will be back wif more updates and photos.  Later, Mom am going to try a weak solution of Dawn to get rids of the kitten's fleas...
Lil Bear at 3 some weeks old

Benjamin Lil Bear
who am trying to be a big boy now.
P.S. I turned one year old on August 1st and Mom forgotted!
Her thought I turned one year old on September 1st.  Silly Mom.

Molly and Kittens need your purrz....

Monday, 3:00AM 

Weze inturrupts Movie Monday posts

Molly's milk has become impacted and she is hot to the touch.  The kittens are hot too.

Uncle Mike and Mom are taking her to the Emergency Vet...
Mom am furry worried.
Will lets you know how her am... but Mom may has to bottle feed all deze babies and her not done dat before... 

-Benjamin Lil Bear

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Catch Up and More Kittens!

Hiya Folks!
Katie Kat here... Been awfully busy keeping up with all the needs for my furry kids.

Above is a photo of Oreo and Annie who went to the vets a couple weeks ago. Annie was eating poorly, hiding and losing weight. I could get her to eat some if she was in a room by herself, but not enough.  Took Oreo in at the same time: calmed Annie down during the ride there, and he needed his breathing checked and distemper vaccination, any way.

Annie and Oreo were so funny on the ride to the vets - they kept complaining in unison from their mutual carriers, which was way better than Annie freaking out when I first put her in the car.  They both knew the other was there and seemed like mutual misery was better than panic-ville.

Turned out Annie needed worm meds and she got her bloodwork done for when I have the funds to get her spayed.  Lulu and Laura still need their pre-spay bloodwork done.  Oreo keeps making funny grunting sounds instead of purring and sometimes he sounds like his nose is clogged up. But of course Oreo sounded just fine for the vet, so still don't know what is causing his odd respiratory sounds. He did get his distemper shot at least.
I put Annie and Oreo together in one carrier for the ride home and used some Feliway.  Oreo would ask are we home yet every five minutes, but Annie just snuggled into Oreo and was furry quiet.  Annie is doing so much better, but still have to separate her out from the rest of the furry children to make sure she gets enough to eat.  Annie is a furry shy girl. Once Annie has her furever home, she will gets lots more attention vs feeling like she is at the bottom of the totem pole and will be able to blossom. I'm hoping to find a home for Lulu and Annie together. 



Here is one of the kitties that stops by to feed from the community food bowl on the patio... She had kittens recently and will let me pick her up.  She's very funny - growls one minute and loves on me the next.  Have not found where her kittens are, but she's not having any trouble keeping enough milk for them.   Another cat her same age, who looks like Joey only smaller comes by every day too.  Both may actually be offspring from Annie and sibling's Mom, Hubie.  Last year, after I brought Annie in, the last kitten to get in the house, Mom Hubie took off, with "Dad" chasing her. and I couldn't catch her.  She didn't show back up at the patio until last April and I haven't seen her since.

 And then there is my sweet outdoor Frankie, Lil Bear's half-brother and possibly his Daddy as well.  After Lil Bear's Mother died last year, Frankie started hanging around the patio, even stayed on a blankie last winter to keep warm.  He's an older boy whose health has slowly decreased over the last year.. I haven't seen him in over a week and I am worried that he passed away and I may never find him.

And now to make matters more challenging ... two new kitty girls from my mother's neighbor, one has 4 - 2 week old kittens. Neighbor couldn't keep them due to her kid's allergies.  Picked them up on Friday. The mama cat is Molly and the other kitty girl's name is Angel.  Molly's kitten's had tons of fleas on them Thursday, but they were all gone on Friday! Was told that the cat friendly dog may have cleaned them off! Molly is such a skinny petite little thing, trying to feed four growing babies.  She barely can make enough milk for them at a time. Had to clean kittens eyes due to mild infection. Thank goodness fleas were gone when I picked them up... Apparently one of my neighbor's dogs likes to mother kittens and may have cleaned them all!
Angel was left at my mother's neighbor by a room-mate.  Was only going to pick up Molly on Friday and Angel later, but Angel was being left in the basement. Checked on her and she had no food or water. She was so glad to see me, that I had to take her with me, even though I really have no place for her to go. Just weekend,  Angel had barged into my mother's house and headed straight for the kitten chow bag. The little girl jumped into the bag and gobbled down tons of food. I placed her out on Mom's porch with a whole plateful of kitten chow. Thought she might be pregnant... thank goodness she isn't. 

To make things more challenging, I'm having trouble figuring out what Molly can or will eat.  She doesn't seem to like anything with milk in it - leaving kitten chow, kitten formulas out.  She drank some milk replacement once, but not interested anymore and doesn't like kitten chow.  Last night she gobbled up fishy flavored canned food - so will keep trying to get her to eat... Not looking forward to bottle feeding the babies, but may have to. At least they are not new-born... the larger they get, the easier I can help supplement the feedings with a bottle.

The two girls and kittens are staying at a house I need to sell - previous owner put in mineral ceiling tile meant for a larger structure almost through the whole little house.  The tile sheds fine dust which can aggravate my asthma and almost always makes me hoarse.  I can't stay in the house for long.  Not the best place for the kitties either, but no other place for them to go.

Well, have to go feed all my kitty kids, especially the newcomers.
More kitty updates furry soon....

Please keep Molly and Angel in your purrz.
Please Repost, Twitter, FaceBook etc about Molly and Angel.
And whenever you donate to help Katiez Kidz, ten percent always helps some one else, either the local no-kill shelter (LAPP) or another kitty blogger in need. 

Funds for Lulu, Annie and Laura Belle spays.
Pets Mart Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards. 
There is an account at Willowbend Animal Hospital
that can be donated to under Kat-Renee Kittel or Katherine Kittel...  Or just tell them Benjamin Lil Bear sent you.

Homes for the following kitties as soon as possible:

Laura Belle.  Annie May and Lulu.  Joey.

A REAL HOME for Katie and the Katiez Katz (most of us are staying at my brother's house, until the right home can be found with a bit of land.)

New on my wish list.  Funds for Molly and Angel's Spays.  Food and homes for Molly, Angel and kittens.

Funds for Flea meds.  At least my 3 kids staying with Nana (Katie Too, Max and Bootsie) have been treated once.  One time treatment for the rest of the gang using Advantage (that's 16 kids including Molly and Angel) would be about $$200.00.  That's about 6 large kitties and ten small/medium kitties, by buying 2 six packs and 1 four pack.

Been combing them off, but poor long haired Toby who had part of his tail amputated - those mean things are camping at the bottom of his tail!

And everyone is due for their yearly shots, except for Oreo!

More Updates furry soon - Purrz n Stuffs...

Katie Kat.
aka Kat-Renee Kittel
The Purple Kattery Art Studio and
Katiez Katz, a Home for Wayward Kittiez (mol)