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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Selfies Oreo's Math Paws

Oreo here, the Mom found her card reader! and here am my Math Paws...
Oreo and Doobie compare Paws...

Doobie: dat your math paw? 
Oreo: Yep... I can divides with it!

I can times with my back right paw!  See... I only gots one dot on dat paw.

Or I can times and divides with my left front paw... I iz a Math Cat!

Thanks fur liking my math paws!  I am also newz teller... I tells Mom whenever critters am on the porch... likes when Orange Cat am wants foods... Dats am Joey, Laura Belle (adopted), Lulu and Annie May's Daddy...

Now sumfings for needing purrz and prayerz and helps with:

Guero am doing better but may has cold... He bin sneezing lots..and Mom Silvia may has cold too - her needs be better to go to interview with H and Block on Wednesday.

Good Newz! As of this post, our pet blogger Friend Sherri Painter has enough funds to pay her rent... 

Silvia Espinosa still needs help rent... That means we need 150.00 by Tuesday.  And still need 65.00 to finish paying last week's vet bill for Guero. 
Silvia won't start H and R Block training until Wednesday, but they won't pay til next week. She's not sure when housecleaning work. Ice and rain that's been going on since last Wednesday has slowed down construction on the house she will be cleaning. She has about 50.00 coming from working at Via Christi and may come at the end of this week...which will only help for next weeks rent and not now.  Thank God for help with food and cat food and litter.

Silvia is sooo close to making it!
Please - we can't stop helping yet.... 

What am Christmas Chrissymouse fur without helping others? 
The mom lost her home too years ago... and all us kitties was homeless at one time.  We gotted helps... now we gotta help others....

Purrz of Thanks from
-Oreo Robin William,
and all the Katie Katz... 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Guero and Silvia at the Vets Yesterday

And this is why Mom helps...Guero at the Vets Yesterday.

Just after First Shot
Last Shot and all done!
Bladder infections in boy cats can become serious and painful. Guero doing much better today. He gotted two shots - Convenia and Prednisilone.

We needs just 65.00 more to pay Guero's vet bill of 85.00 and 80.00 for next weeks rent.

Thank you all for your purrz and prayers for Guero and Silvia.... and helping them not be homeless at Thanksgiving... If all goes well, Silvia will be starting part time with H&R Block next week and cleaning a brand new 3 story house to get ready for sale very soon. Silvia and her kits still need a better place to lives and we will keeps you updated on that search in our blog posts and how they are doing for Chrissymouse.

And me, that's Oreo, will show off my math toes furry soon. I let the Mom takes photos of my toes, but the card reader got losted... supposed to be in the camera case...silly mom.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Loves and purrz from Oreo,
Katie Kat and the Katz Gang

And Especially
Silvia, Narcisca, Natasha, Ronnie, Gordo, and Guero.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Women Cats Pray Fur Sick Guero On Mancat Monday

Hiya - Annie May and Lulu here (squinting our eyes from the flashy box) - hanging out on a comfy bed for snoozing on a cold November day. Me - dats Annie May am holding Mom's soft sweater hostage.  We don't blogs much, cause we likes letting the boys do blogging so we gets our nappy done.  Today we hads to share wifs you how cutes we are and dat we needs forever homes!

Tomorrow am Toesie Tuesdays - we hopes Oreo blogs tomorrow cause he gots the bestest toes!
He can do math with hims paw!  Hopefully he show you how tomorrow... if Mom's flashy box coo-opurr rates.

This post am concerning us - although we furry glad we not haz go to vets... wait we actually need spayed and now time to update our shots - Mom put money in da bank for us - but one of Silvia's kitties am furry sick, and her needs rent paid tomorrow... weze gotted 115.00 so far to helps pay rents - about 35.00 shorts of 150.00 and due tomorrow.

And poor Guero... 
Handsome Guero

Shy Handsome Guero
Lulu: He like handsomest kitty I ever sawz... Ize in loves... him shy like you Annie May...

Annie May: Yeah him handsome, but Ize in loves wifs Doobie.
Annie loves Doobie
  Anyways - Poor Guero gotted sicks cause motel owner had to replace wall in bathroom from of yucky mold and poor Guero hiding from the workers gotted stressed out... Him went to vets dis morning and peed bloods.  He go backs this afternoon cause vet not haz meds yet. Bill gonna probly be 85.00 and now cause funds not come in yet for you caring... the mom am gonna haz to use da moneys for our spay... 

Lulu: I dont wants vet visit... but we really needs to go - we over two years old now - Mom didnt get me spayed earlier cause I used to breathe funny - now I donts. Mom was worried bout me being asleep during surgery.  And now dats Ize breathes betturs - we gotz another mergency taking our funds... 

Annie: Yeah dis likes the purr-numpteenth time dats emergencys tooks funds fur our spay... not that we wants to goo... still.

Lulu: Yeah - we purring that Guero gets better and Silvia not lose her motel room til she can gets a goods place to lives with her kitties!  

Annie: dat nots gotz molds!!!
Silvia am going to get works hopefully next week to clean a new home after being built - get ready for sell - but she has to waits until the home am done... and wont be done til after Thanksgiving. And the couple that took her place cleaning at the motel-well they may be snitching stuffs...

Oreo and Annie May

You can see why Mom am bin asking so much for helps to save Silvia and her kittiez... weze dont gots enuf funds and it just not rights that Silvia losted her job.

Lulu: And we do needs spayed... so we can finds our forever homes...

Ifs you cans please sends money today or tomorrow - we needs about 120.00 dollars and every green paper helps - I will ask Oreo to show hims math paws tomorrow. See that dot on hims paw?  Well that's part of hims secret!  

Purrz From 

Annie May, Lulu
and Guero who am sick...

P. S. here am the link to the YouCaring page...

Also - fur those waiting to hear how the Mom's Hubby Frank am doing - he's out of hospital an in rehab... no more tubes - throat am healing. Him eating yogurts, porridge, salmon and stuffs...

(Weze gotta go now.. the mom am sick too - her off to see doctor about a UTI...)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Purrz and Purrz Fur Silvia Please

Our Mom, Silvia Espinosa am in a lot of pain - had to go to doctor today. 

She had a biopsy done to check for cancer last week...Her am in a lot of pain - had to be "stitched" and on antibiotics- for anyone, especially cat moms who understand the pain of cervical biopsies - please share and help... 

She did get a home to clean for next week... don't know when or how much.... still need to pay for next weeks rent on Tuesday.

If you Gots a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or sumthing
Auntie Katie haz saids there am sum good hashtags fur sharing
likes #homelesscats #homeless #youcaring #biopsy to helps more people
know about us...  any hashtag suggestions are really welcom.

Ifns you would likes more photos of us, I will ask Mom and see if she has any.
cause Aunty Katie's flashy box not working right now... Aunty Katie am feeling sicks too... 

Thank you all for helping us not be homeless... Please helps us haz a furry Happy Fanks Giving 

we wouldn't know what to do withouts our Mom.

Purrz Frum Ronnie and
alla Silvia's Katz, Narcisca, Natasha, Gordo and Guero.

 P.S. from Aunty Katie - Finally got the porch steps finished. All painted... Whooo.  Now just have to move them back... Still having some furnace sporadic problems with gas not going through the valve consistently.  Off for now unless I'm home. But kitties there have beds and blankies.  Not too cold yet.  Right now typing at Uncle Mikes. No PC at my house...
Purrz, Katie Kat.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where's the Porch Brrr No Furnace and Silvia update

Hey Look Mom - No Porch!  Where the steps go???


dat waz da wordless part... mol  the Mom was going to leave you in suspense til tomorrow... but I talked her out of dat.  -Purrz From Angel...

Out in the yard... been working on repairing and painting my back porch steps for three weeks now... Oh please I hope can get done this week.  No more rain...plz.

Also, furnace needs lots of purrz... Had a Sears Tech come out two weeks ago - needed a new gas valve - but would have been 512.00 dollars for him to fix - so just paid him 69.00 for the diagnostic and "Uncle Mike" bought the gas valve online for half the price of Sears buying from Carrier... Now the replacement valve is set up differently and electrical system won't start the pilot light... So back to bringing out the Sears Tech - great guy though - really trust him... Gotta get this done to keep kitties and me warm.  Hopefully won't be too much on my Sears Card... mol.

And now for Silvia and Cats Update:

Please keep Silvia and her babies in prayer.  Last week, a friend pushed on the wall in the bathroom and the wall collapsed due to mold - the motel manager had the repairs done, but very upsetting to the cats with strangers pounding away in their litter box room... also had repaired the back wall of the sink  - then today - the sink started leaking all over the floor - another repair had to be done. 

We have about 45.00 of 150.00 needed for next week's rent.
If ten folks donated 10.00, I can squeeze in the rest. ... 

Silvia checked at Labormax on Monday - no work available, but she did get her file updated. 

On the job application at Via Christi Tuesday (yesterday) - Silvia went in for the drug testing but the Financial Aid manager said they were looking for someone with a social work degree or a paralegal - yet she did similar work before at Via Christi several years ago.

She may not get the position... 


Natasha, that's the grey and white kitty, gets really nervous when the weather is bad and won't eat, drink or use the litter box. Bless her heart. Monday night, Natasha waited till early Tuesday morning to eat and use the box... poor baby threw up. Will let you know how she is doing. Hoping it's just nerves and no visit to the vet needed.  

Last night, Guero was sneezing from the dusty work fixing the sink.... 

Please Pray and Share. 

Thank you so much from Katie, 
Silvia and her cat babies... Narcisca the Mom (tabby and white), Ronnie (main photo), Natasha (grey and white), Gordo (all grey boy) and Guero (white kitty)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chickens, Fuzzy Selfies Plus Helps For Silvia and Cats

Lil Bear wants chicken
Lil Bear: MOOOOMMMM!  Where's the Chickens?  Moohm Mama Mommy Mom?
Where you puts the chickens???

No chicken there
Lil Bear looks in the food dish: Dats not chickens... dat's egg... you puts egg in dehr... Dat smell like chicken but dats not chicken.

Joey asks about chicken
Joey: Yes, do tell Mother. Where's the chicken?  Why does fried egg smell like chicken, yet not taste like chicken?

Mom: Eggs that we eat come from chickens, but they never became chickens... 

Joey: You are most illogical, Mother... 

Lil Bear: Chickens come from the magic cold box... why magic box has eggs and no chicken?

Mom: because I haven't gone hunting... I go hunting in a place called a store. I bring back chicken and then I put it in the fridge... the magic box...

Doobie jumps up besides Lil Bear:  Someone mention chickens??? hey what's wrong with the flashy box?  We looks all fuzzy...

Mom: the flashy box fell down several months ago and got broke Now the focus part doesn't work very well sometimes.. Let's gets a nice photo of you, Doobie. (mom takes one good photo of Doobie, but the rest come out all fuzzy)
Good Doobie "Selfie" b4 more fuzzy photos

and oh there goes the batteries... (beep beep... batteries exhausted)

Doobie: When you gonna gets a new flashy box Mom?

Mom:  After I go hunting for new glasses and gets the porch steps  painted to my back door.  After Uncle Mike fixes the furnace at my house ...and the wall in his living room and help Silvia and kitties pay their rents...

Lil Bear: But what about Chickens???  

Mom: well, okay. I confess, there is some chickens thawing out in the Magic Box... I'll cook you all some yummies furry soon... (Bear pouts cause he has to waits)

Joey: In the meantime, our friend Silvia and her kitties still needs help to pay their rents.  that mean motel owner won't give her back her job!!!

Its gonna be Thanksgiving soon!  The very bad man is now in jail, but the motel owner won't let Silvia clean rooms again!  He gave Silvia's job to a couple and now they get free rent!  And Silivia never gotted free rent!

Well this whats I likes to do to hims!   (Joey claws the sisal scratcher...)  but dat won't help Silvia and her cats, Narcisca, Natasha, Ronnie, Gordo and Guero... 

And I wants Mom to Call KAKE on Your Side too...but we dont wants dat motel owner to make trouble fur Silvia...

They need 150.00 by Tuesday again... Silvia has applied for work and did get to some housecleaning at an apartment complex, but they can't pay her until the end of November.

As you can tells by what the Mom said, we dont even has moneys to gets a new flashy box!
So we ams helping Silvia by starting a fund me campaign. 

Here am the link to You Caring.  We hopes to get enufs money fur rents fur several weeks so any money Silvia gets can be used tor feed herself and her kitties until Chrismas.

You Caring is now using We Pay, which am goods.

Howsomever, if you has a paypal account, please donate to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com...  

Or let the Mom know if you wants to just mail some greenies and mom will email you what to put on the check... Silvia doesn't have a bank account.

Remember Winnie's Wish Auction!

Daddy Frank is still getting betturs too! He gotted out of ICU and am in a ward now.. and up and walking some. He still has to eats through tube so no chickens for Daddy yet.  If you would likes an update on how Frank am doing, please sends us an email... to yahoo dot com

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wordsy Wednesday Purrz Needed Veterans Day

Got lots to talk about... 

URGENT NEWS: One of my rescued kitties, Angel needs a new environment asap - she has "allergic bronchitis" - Had to take her to vet on Saturday due to raspy breathing.
She is on prednisolone for next two weeks and must have change in environment to get better.

Possibly reaction from the ceiling tile (big cellulose tiles supposed to be in offices with high ceilings). Or to a chemical smell coming from the shower drain in back bathroom that needs remodeled due to no ventilation.


The room she stays in is connected to that bathroom.

I have a small two bedroom bungalow.  Two other rescued cats stay in the front bedroom. They do not get along so there is no place for Angel. There is no room at the other homes where my rescued babies are staying.... I will take her anywhere to find her a new home.

Hubby Frank is getting better and out of ICU
Last week on Nov 2, Frank had to have emergency in his throat to remove blood swelling. After surgery, he was on ventilator and had tracheotomy so he could eat and breath.  He was in ICU for over a week... I was able to locate to churches in Harrow and the pastors visited him Saturday.  They took him off the ventilator Sunday and he left ICU.  He is doing much better, but he is frustrated by all the tubes and such.  Spoke to him today... hard to talk with the tracheal tube. He listened to family news and told me "Love You." Please keep him in your prayers.

Our Friend Silvia - still needs rent for next week.
Silvia Espinosa is trying to get a housecleaning job at an apartment complex. She had a good interview this week.... next week, she will clean an apartment and be evaluated on how she does.  Yet the apartment complex really wants a live-in maid, but reluctant to give Silvia an apartment because she has five cats.  I am going to call the apartment manager and give them my recommendation - because her motel room is clean! And you can't tell there are any cats unless you see them!  She will need help with rent again next week at least.... 150.00.
The man that harassed Silvia is now in jail!!!  Hallelujah! Any small amount of donation will help and go toward her rent.

Please send donation to laugh_safely at using paypal and your friends and family option.... Thanks and God Bless you from Silvia, Ronnie, Narcisca, Natasha, Gordo and Guero.

You can email me anytime laugh_safely at and I will send you a number to text me.
Remember Winnie's Wish Auction!

Please keep us in your purrz and we will send your ourz...
Purrz and Prayers to all the kitties and their mommies and daddies today on Veteran's Day.
-Katie Kat