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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Death of Tiger Lily Needs Justice


Mom took down the movie from Rather Good about the Singing Kitties, because of the little kitten making crying noises... upsetting us all...

Especially after hur found out about the kitten in New York named Tiger Lily. Hur little life was snuffed out by two teenagers as a sadistic "joke." This was no joke to Tiger Lily.

Got a message from a Catster at the Pups and Purrs Group about this.

Kitten Victim of Cruel "Joke" - Please read this story and pray for all involved, especially Tiger Lily's "Mom."

Our Mom cant bring herself to say what happened... Save she cant look at an oven or cook anything... nuff said.

If you see this information by Monday - please fax the judge and ask for no leniency in this case.

The case has been adjourned to September 2 for probationary review, so all comments must be received by the Judge by September 1.

Fax the judge in the case against the abuse of Tiger Lily

"Kitten Baked To Death In Oven-Demand Justice For Tiger Lily. Please send polite letters and faxes to the Judge, as soon as you can. Help educate about the link between violence to other species and violence to people."

Case #:02546-2009
RE: Cheyenne Cherry
Honorable Judge Margaret Clancy
Bronx County Supreme Court
265 East 161st Street
Bronx, NY 10451
Fax: 718-618-3573

- Katie Too
Who wants to slappy reel badz bout dis.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bootsie iz a famous LOL CAT!?!

OOhh pooh I iz notz famus...
dey lookt like mai toez... here are mai toez.

oh pooodiez.

Iz gotted black n pink paddiez...

pooodie poodie pooh.




Deze cutesie pinky toez was found and sumbuddy mades a LOL!
and its on da front page! It gotted 2792 votes!

Oh mai pinky toez!
Here iz da linky!

Nows fur a purrtee goods update!

Mom and Nana just needs bout 80 greenies to makes da house paymint! We iz almohs dehr!

Daisy iz all goods now frum having milk in hur mammary glands! Mom cant beleef it! Hur not needed antibiotix! Just warm and cold compresses and hur iz all bettur!

Olivia and Munch haf noo names: Angel and Shadow. Dey iz lurrnin bout running up and down stairz and playin wif doggies and dey haf a kitty bruffur - him iz orange.

Bella n Elliott mades frinds wif a doggie who finks dey is hur children... dey sleeps togeffur and dis doggies gives dem baths and check on dem whn dey is mewling!

We dont knoh how Harlee is doin save hur haz a noo name... we dont knoh what dat is doh.
A blak hole ated up da contact papur - Mom cant finds it.
We do knoh dat Harlee reely liked dis lady frum da moment hur was in da ladeez arms. And dat Harlee has a noo NOMS Shitzu Frind.

Sumtime next week Maxie is gonna be in da local papur lookin fur a noo home. Weze lets u knoh how dat is doin. Weze still gotted stuffoms in our auction site fur sale and Mom is lurnin how to sell at eBay.

Dis our too fings dehr.
Garmin Topographic Maps for GPS and Monopoly - Century of Flight (ifns u like dis one, contact me and I kin half da eBay listing to 25.00) Deze too fings seem to sell well dehr. So we try dat.

When we gets our table cleaned off, Mom kin makes sum catnip pillows!

Luf u... I roll around onda floor fur u now
(but dont piks me up plz)

bye bye

Bootsie Woo
who iz furry shy and gonna goh hide now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catnip Pillohz Anybuddy?

Since Mom sold our dishwasher and our kind frinds onda innernets, we has bout 200 greenies towards payin Nana Momz house paymint! Nana Mom finks she gots 100 -
***we needs ta finds bout 138 morh greenies by Friday***
2 avoidz foreclosure.
(We iz all stayin wif Nana Mom til da electricity gets done next door.)

We iz purrin fur anuffur mirakul and askin sum churches to helps... dey not got bak to us yet.
And Mom sez hur iz lookin fur works at call centers n stuff.
If anybuddiez kin helps wif da 138 morh greeniez weze sinds u a surprize gift or u kin choose sumpin! We gotted sum photoez wif our scannur:

Da Itty Bitty Kitty Pin Committee (3 kitty lapel pins 2 are playin wif yarn). Each pin iz about da size uv ur fingertip

A Squillion famly fotoh magnet fur da fridge


A pewter pin: kitty sleepin inna house slipper wif hims tail stikkin out uv a hole in da shoe! bout 2 inches across.

FANCY FEAST Cats of the World Playing Cards(dis fotoh iz uf a Fancy Feast Deck frum da innurnetz. Ourz looks jus like dis.)

Here is sum fings not fotohed yet:
A purple dress purse wif silver shoulder strap... furry purrtee shaped kinda likes a butterfly. Good fur a gift 2 a young lady bean.

A tiger bout 13 inches high.
A lion bout 12 inchez hi wif floppy legs n a Santa Claws hat.
Big Tiger and Lion will be morh n 13 oz and...will hafsta goh Priority fur 5.00 p/h

And dehr iz stuffoms not bids on yet at Katie Katz Store and
lots uv noo stuffoms at Katiez Furr-e-Bay!
Likes a wireless mouse for a laptop compootur

Mint and Chamomile herb stuffs!

Andywayz we waz wondurin sumpin:
Mom found dis size XL skirt wif dis cats of man colors fabrik. We placed it on our auction site ta see ifn anybuddy wanted to makes stuffoms wif dis fabrik

Mom coods make sumpin wif dis like little catnip pillows and longer kitty snuggle pillohs. Hur knohs how ta do dat. (kinda sorta - mite take awhile!)Shoods makes a lot of dem, just have ta do sum figurin ta see how many.
Woods any kitties likes sum pillohz if hur made dem?? We coods make sum pillohz frum diz Oxford shurt.
=^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
Do let us knoh... dis will takes a while fur us ta doo n we wants ta knoh what u finks furst.
Mom likes our noo littel Furr-eBay company
and we iz glads dat u do too.

Katie Too n Da Katie Katz Gang.

We gots lotsa stuffoms to puts up at eBay but still no digital camera!
We iz lookin to gets a good used one on e-Bay or sumpin. Duz anybuddiez got one dey dont needs noh morh or cood sell to us??? thx! =^..^=

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moofie Monday and Updates

Hiya, we gotted noo updates.

Furst, Daisy'z mammary glands are almost back to "normal." Mom gave her warm packs and cold packs fur a few days last week and den dey started goin down on derh own!!

Dis iz morh dat mirakul stuffoms we finks... soh soon Daisy kin gets hur lady opurrayshun!

Nana iz sum better - thanks fur purrin! hur rested lots and da intestinal soreness wents away... hur is still furry tired. Nana and Mom wz all skerrd last week dat Nana hafta go to hospittal. Dis mirakul so far dat we iz purrin fur Nana to gets reel bettur.

Our Mom n Daddy Purrson hads dehr annifursary on Sunnyday... but Mom n us cant seez Daddy Purrson cuz sum meen peeplez sayz him did sumpin bads wif no proof n dey lokked him ups... Daddiez lawyer waz noh goodz soh we iz tryin ta gets a noo lawyer. Him iz 73 and not doin goods cuz dey wont gifs him foods he kin eat... (seriously).

A bit of good stuffoms...

Mom sold our dishwasher!! and Fanks to our kind frinds onda innernets, we has bout 200 greenies towards payin Nana Momz house paymint! We needs bout 238 morh... We iz purrin fur anuffur mirakul and askin sum churches to helps... Fanks fur your suppurt!

Fanks to Christopher da blind kitty at

Weze founded a goods moofie uv a kitty dat
waz rescued.

We hopes u goh see dis website and all da great babiez dehr.

Katie Too

Note Frum Christopher:
Sadly, little Ariel passed away last month from fluid on her brain that couldn't be helped. She passed away in the arms of her loving family who runs the sanctuary. It's important that she was loved and knew she was loved. And she did. -Christopher.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Nana iz furry sik...

Diz iz Bibi Gurl repurrtin... Ize lives wifs Katie Purrsons Mom.

Plz lets efurrybuddy knoh dats Katie Purrsonz Mom iz furry sik.

Hur iz da Nana purrson (granmawmee) to da Katie Katz and hur iz Katiez Mommy too. Katie iz Mai Sisfur Purrson.

Andywayz, Nana Mom bin sik fur sum dayz and nots gettin bettur.

Hur hadz a blokage in hur tummy dat passed yessurday n hur iz hurted and coods be bleedin wehr dat blokage waz...Hur pulse iz way 2 hi. Da Katie purrson iz comin home ta takes hur to hospittal.

Da Katie purrson wz tryin ta makes green fings by givin beanz derh fonebooks - why dey need doze I dontz knoh... but hur iz takin da whole trukful bak cuz Nana Mom iz bad sik. Me iz furry worreed.

And plez purr fur Nana Mom and my sissur bean Katie. Deyz needs ta cums up wif 438.00 greenz by 30th ta makez our house paymint... Ize like dis house.

Ms Bibi Gurl

UPDATE: Nana iz a bit bettur...hur blokage iz goned, but hurz intestinez hurtz still. Hur wants to wait til morning and goh tooze clinic and not scary emergencee room. Weze keep u posted... Katie Too
(One goods fing... da Katie Katz iz ats LOL SPOT - fur sum comedy reliefs - plz scroll down till ya see Daisy and Two Kits... We iz da August 19 posting - Katie Too)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daisy Needs A VET Trip!!!

Update: 19 August 2009.Just took Daisy May to the vet. No fever! The ulcers on her lip are nearly gone, so she doesn't need steroids! The vet thought the ulcers could be food related. Could be that she is allergic to corn. She is back on the sensitive corn free food formula from Pets Mart that Mousie eats.

Her mammary glands just look swollen with milk and uncomfortable, but not inflamed. So far just need to keep putting warm compress in the morning, a cold compress during the day and another warm compress at night.

If she does get a fever or mammary glands get red and puffy or have discharge, I need to call them for antibiotics and just pick them up. won't be another office fee.

So far she is just the bestest Mom cat!

Fanks for sinding funds - waz able to pay the vet visit. Ifnz she needs antibiotix, we kin pay fur dat...

Katie Kat & Katie Too

Daisy gotsta go to vets asap! dem babiez gone and now hurz impacted and sore. Warm packs not helpin. At least 60.00 (office visit and steroiod shot) mite need antibiotikz.
Mom gotz a PayPal debit card...but only 19.00 in dehr.

Who helps kin haves da bone china kittens or sumpin dat we hafs fur our furry bay blog. sum fings not ups yet. Fanks!!

Da Katie Katz Gang.
Junior and Orion have won da Kitty Angel as da furst purrscat to commint. (Please see our Furre Bay Blog - UPDATE: someone hijacked our old Katiez Furr eBay Blog name... so no links here.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Da Special Kitty Unit all founded homes on Sunny Day!!

Harlee went furst.
Den Munch and Olivia wents to a home.
Den Elliot and Bella wents to anufur home!!

We finks dats funny dat Munch and Olivia iz purrtnerz now!

Elliot lufs Bella... Him waz groomin hur and upside down doin da Q!
Mom hopes ta hafs fotohz and a longer update, but Ize wanna gohs home now!

-Daisy May

(Daisy iz meowling and gonna keeps our frind Mike up...and he hazta goh 2 werks at 5:30 in da mornin! Itz akshully 10:20 on Sunny day rite now... Soh short update and longer one latur! -Katie Kat who iz nots in France.)

Now ifnz dat Maxie goh bye bye to a noo homz!!!
- Bootsie Woo
who iz having a luv/hate time bout Maxie,
cuz hur is skered of big male catz.

In da meenz timez, pleez reed bout Gloria da Kat
who waz rescrood frum a
glass crushin machine!
Gloria gets Rescued!
Hur iz in Marblehead Masstoosetts
and needz a home

- Katie Too

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
(12:50 AM) Diz here is Daisy n Katie Too wif dis biggur update...dis kinda da storee.

On Sunny Day, Me (Daisy May) n da Special Kitten Unit wints 2 our frind Mike's house 2 waits on dehr noo detective misshunz. Dey lurned about hallways and dat carpet tiles are not alien creeturhz efn if dey flops up frum da floor and curtainz iz nots fur climbin...

Harlee was da furst ta goh... hur wints on an "
In Plain Sight," Furry Bureau uf Investigashun mission to purrtekt a nise lady in an apurrtmint wif a shitzu named Bella. Mom iz gonna calls da ladee latur dis week n see how Harlee iz doin. Hur iz gonna gets a noo name fur dis witness purrtekshun misshun.

Den da uther 4 wents sleepy til dehr misshun peeplez came.

Olivia and Munch purrtnurd on an undercover mission to investigatez a hows wifs an oranje gentleman cat... Since dey is undercover, dehr names will be diffurnt. Da peeplez dat iz handlin dat case will email us a repurt and promised dat dis iz an inside mission.

Elliot and Bella wents on a diffurnt assignment to helps a teen age gurl named Sarah dat is takin fotograf n actin classes. Dey willz be keepin dehr names n Sarah iz gonna sindz fotohs uv dem.... Sarah's Mom fell in luf wif Elliot and Sarah likes Bella lots so dats iz goods!

Sarah came by wif hur brother rite after Harlee left. Sara waz gonna jus pik up Bella fur dat misshun, but wanted two kittens (she liked Munch). She hads to talk to her Mom Bean furst bout takin any kittenz fur a missun at all. After Sarah left, Ellie fell in luvs wif Bella and givved hur a bath...den Munch and Olivia gotted pikked afore Sarah came bak wif hur Mom. So we wz furry glad whn Sarah's Mom let Ellie n Bella both goh on da same misshun!!

Daisy May and Katie Kat.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stuffomz fur Caturday...

Dis iz Katie Too wif sum updates...
Mom iz worrid bout Mousie... dats our old gurl. Hurz bin hidin... dat always meens hur not feelin goods.
Hur iz 15 yrs old and ifns she needs a vets visit - dehr is no money to take her dehr.
Friday da Eagle seds dis abt KSHS: "We have all these cats in our care and we are just not seeing them adopted out," said Jennifer Campbell, communications director at the Kansas Humane Society...shelter takes in 1,000 felines a month...past few months...numbers have nearly doubled...The campus has 75 adults and 247 kittens.
"It's August and we're overflowing with cats and kittens," said Kim Janzen, president and CEO of the society. "Our foster families are also at capacity and caring for over 100 cats in need of special care."
Now u see why our Speshul Kitty Unit and Maxie iz stil wif us...and not ats da KSHS. U kin do da math... Dems 1,000 sumpin babies wents sumwhers...but nots to homes. Dey cant helps alla dem.
Da no kill shelterz is overflowin too. We iz purrin dat our ad in da papur brings curious moms to wants curious kittens... if dis ad not werks - we puts in a nuffer one!
Curious Kittens 2 4ever homes 3 mos Plz google Katiez Furry Mewz.
Den it gotz our frind Mikes fohn numbr. It be in papur 4 dayze. Purrs, Katie Too
Nowz an update frum Daisy and da Special Kitty Unit.
Now deze iz sum fotohs of mai babiez frum whn dey hads dehr Excellent Adventure at Pets Mart! (Pets Mart did not allow dem ta be given away dehr)
Dey iz inna cart but dey fink it iz a box!!!
Frum top left clocky wise: Harlee, Munch, Olivia, Elliot and Bella.
Dey iz da bestest babiez!! And furry smart and playful... (dey still needs sum lurnin about electrik cords and curtainz)
Bella n Munch meet fans of Bella da Movie
and L&O: SVU...

Babiez Meet Puppy
Fanks fur stoppin by ta sees our fotohz... Pleaze gives us babiez a furrever home! -Daisy May and Da Special Kitty Unit

(Short update frm Katies Furry Bay: We needs a digital camera. We gotted stuffoms dats our camera not showin well! Ifnz enny furry buddiez kin donates a cheep one or sell us one - plz let us knoh. Thanks!)

Furry Friday Fotohz

Katie: Mom iz playin wif colorz...dat is da kittens and Maxwell Tiggur. Pleeze pur fur dem and usnz. Weze nots out uv da woods yet. Mom iz gonna puts an ad in da Eagle tooday fur dem. Ize may not likes deze alienz who cum frum nowherz...

Daisy: Deyz mai babiez, Katie! U iz weerd! U be nise to dem!!!

Katie: Daizy... you iz weerd. how diz big fings gets here?? Ur tummy too small... I thot u hads kittens! Dez not kittenz!!! deyz iz alienz an geenormus!! Dey gonna takes over da world!!

Daisy: Katie, dey cumz out ta see da world bout 11 weekz agoh... dey wz littel den and blind n stuffoms... an I feds dem milk and dey grohed.
Katie: oh dats iz weerd... Ize goh hides in da kitchen!! and dats Maxie fink him iz dehr Daddy! Silly boy... you gotted nootered. well u kin likes dem den. Ize gohs hide over hear.

Daisy: Katie, u iz just nevur gonna unnerstands bein a mommy...

Katie runs under da table: I dont likes deze noocummerz howsumevfur dey gotted here, but deys iz here so now dey shoods goh bye bye!! To furever homez!! I gotted one, soh dey goh getz one tooze...not tooze dis humane stuffoms place... dey make babiez goh over da bridge... I dont wants dat. Dats what dey doo to mee cuz Ize a slappy gurl and too smart fur mais own fur...and Bootsie run
away frum peeplez. noh noh noh...MOM!!! Bootsie and Ize stay wifs u??? Weze be goods gurlz.Yes, Baby Gurl... u stays wif me... cuz I knohs how to get u to be goods cuz I lufs u... Just stays inda house... otay? Diz scary out dehr wif trainz n carz. While I figure outs dis electricity n stuffoms.

Purrs n purrayerz fur da babiez ovfur da bridge dis week...

Charlie n Turnip speshully.

Katie n Katie Too

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A quick note frum Katie Too!!

Weze gots sum goods nooz! Wichita Eagle Ad for "free pets" is 3 lines, 4 days, 10.00.

(I kin still ask noo owners to donates fur Daisy's opurrayshun.)

Mom iz goods at sortin out da good folks...Kin anybuddy helps us pay dat??

Luv, Katie Too
(who wants Mom to hurself)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Furry Fanks and A Story

Mom sez fanks soh furry mush fur all da suppurrt and all dis goods advice.
Sum good fings iz happinin and sum dunno yets...

Since dis iz publik bloggie - Mom sez dat we iz purrin ta see whats best 2 do.
We is still wif Granma and Mom...and dat housey iz gettin an extenshun.
Katie Ann Kitty Too.
Now here iz sumpin Mom found in an old email... Dis a good tail...umm tale. bye bye.
(No, Bootsie dehr iz notz a rabbit in da tail... iz a Rabbi. daz a Teacher Bean, silly... noh you cant go to himz howse and rollz round in himz beard!!! Bootsie, cum bak here, you silly sisfur!! Otay, you kins hafs a Catmitzvah!! Bootsie...!!)

A Small Shul and the Messiah.

Once a synagogue had fallen on hard times. Only five members were left: the cantor and four others, all over 60 years old. In the mountains near the shul there lived a retired rabbi. The five members sought the rabbi if he could offer any advice that might save the shul.

The cantor traveled into the mountains to visit the rabbi. They spoke at length but when asked for advice, the rabbi simply responded by saying, "I have no advice to give. The only thing I can tell you is the Messiah is one of you."
The cantor returned to the shul and told the four other members what the rabbi had said.

In the months that followed, the old shul members pondered the words of the rabbi. "The Messiah is one of us?" they each asked themselves.
As they thought about this possibility, they all began to treat each other with extraordinary respect on the off-chance that, one among them might be the Messiah ... and on the off-chance that each member himself might be the Messiah; they also began to treat themselves with extraordinary care.

As time went by, people visiting the shul noticed the aura of respect and gentle kindness that surrounded the five old members of the small shul.
More people began coming back to worship at the old synagogue. They brought their friends, and their friends brought more friends.

Within a few years, the small shul had once again become a thriving congregation!

(Smart Rabbi, hunh?)

Update bout Maxie:
Had a possibility for a new home for Maxwell Tigger today. (which might have turned into a home for the kittens and Daisy too.)

Two things: Wasn't at peace with the placement - this woman takes in animals - already has several cats and dogs, but does live out in the country. The cats have their own bedroom and porch she said, where they can go in and out. The porch isn't enclosed. They wander around the neighborhood. She spays the females, but not the males. (Max is already Neutered, but the kittens aren't yet.) She give them their shots herself (?) She was reluctant to let me see their housing arrangement.

Second: Maxie stressed out from just a car ride. Normally he's a very quiet boy. In the car, he was screaming his head off. I let him out of the carrier and he calmed down a little, but kept talking, "WHY WHY WHY???" At stoplight, he tried to get on the dashboard! I got him down and he sat in my lap and cried more quietly, plaintively.

I took him to Mike's (a friend's) house.
After a few more, less anxious "whys," he finally calmed down due to the familiar smells - Mike visits us alot.

Max quieted down alot, although that was his first time at Mike's house. Max did really well in a "new" house, with me there at the same time.

He sat down when I sat down and walked around when I walked around. Mike was playing a computer game - Max laid down under the desk by Mike's feet until I got up and left to visit the bathroom. Max wanted in the bathroom with me!!

After Mike took some photos of Max, we took him back home. Mike drove my car and Max sat in my lap, quietly scared. He shivered from the A/C. I turned the fan down...Once back home, Daisy was so glad to see him! She touched his nose and they walked side by side. He groomed her for a while... Wish Daisy and Max and the Kits could all stay together somewhere... Max acts like the kittens are his babies!

(I've talked to Mike about taking Maxie in, but he doesn't think it would work, since he works such long hours and isn't home most of the time, and has never owned a cat... I would still have to look after him..
.yada yada yada...) =^..^=

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Craigslist Ad Is UP!!!

I JUST CAN'T BRING MYSELF TO TAKE THE BABIES TO KS HUMANE SOCIETY!! (not yet, anyway)I know the KSHS is getting "better" and their placement percentage is almost 100%, but the Special Kitty Unit has not had a lot of contact with other people. Just that one trip to Pet Smart about 3 weeks ago. I haven't spent a lot of time with them the past few days - just picked them up once a day and fed them. Been having trouble with asthma and allergies lately means not being able to handle the babies over and over again every day....

Which translates to The Babies are used to a quiet warmish bedroom, don't mind being picked up, but don't like to cuddle much (yet)... They get FUSSY!!! I have found ways to calm them down but they forget...

Please check out the ad about my kitties...

I am giving Craigslist another chance. Last year, I tried Craigslist to find Leo a home - only got scam emails. I ended up paying Wichita Eagle whatever their high dollar price was last year before I got a legitimate response.... That's why I was considering an Eagle Ad again.
I'm going to call the Eagle in the morning to make sure they don't have some other offers for just an ad in the paper for heaven's sake!
I am also checking out the newspapers in the smaller cities surrounding this Smallville Metropolis... We have a lot of surrounding towns full of folks that commute to their jobs. Surely one those papers has better posting policies.

Will update tomorrow night about housing and kitty ads. I'm going home now to sleep wif my babies.

Katie Kat

oohhhh.... one more fing. Mom needz a digeetall camrah to takes picshure fur our aukshun stuffoms. Duz anybodee gots one dey donts wants no more or we kins buy dirt cheep??? fanks! Katie Too.

Short update

I may be able to find some local folks to take in the babies without taking them to the KS Humane Society (since they don't guarantee animals will find homes vs euthanasia), if I place a local ad.
I checked with our local paper online (Wichita Eagle at
To run an ad that will be in the paper and on their website is a minimum of 55.75 - must be paid in advance.

If I go with the 30.00 plan - only posts online.
(crazy hunh?)

Can anyone help with that???

Thanks, Katie Kat

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Katie Katz Points - We iz preparing for the worst

Ifns u dont haves lotsa time,
Pleze reed dis shorter version and den skim da bigger blog below.

Katie Katz Points:

We iz purrprayering fur da worst and purrayin fur da bestest dats kins be...

My first priority right now is finding a place for all my kitties to live. I am worried sick about them... in fact I am fighting an infection from staying up at odd hours trying to sell things on the internet to support my family of cats...The house I am living in must be brought up to code... or another piece of property we "have" must have all the wood (ceilings especially) sealed to become livable in again (and also brought up to code). Either way, the taxes go delinquent on the properties the end of this year.

Which leaves no home for my kittiesThe Special Kitty Unit and Max will be going to the KS Humane Society....

My four other babies may need the help of the entire cat blogosphere to finds a place to live!

Mouse needs a retirement home where she can be brushed and loved on... with a piddle pad cause she has problems with her back end (she can't even jump like normal babies) and corn free food.

I will ask KS Humane Society if they know any local orgs or purrsons taking in "retirement" cats. Barring that, I will drive halfway to anyone willing to take her in... or if anyone knows a no kill shelter that takes in retirees but the cat needs to be a "local" Could you "claim" her so she can have some loving comfort in a furrever place?

I want to keep Daisy, Bootsie and Katie, but not sure yet how that is going to be possible...
Could anyone....look after them until I am no longer "homeless?" (I am now diligently searching for a customer service or Admin job in the Wichita area - the market is picking up a little bit again.)

Bootsie and Katie are partially feral and need a lot more patience, but are very smart and crave human interaction.

Katie Kat

We iz preparing fur da Wurst

Dearest Gentle frinds on da innernets
Fursstts uvs all...since Decembur, you has kept us goin soh fars in ways u cant evens knoh. We iz alives and dat a good fing!!!

Weze wants to fanks all uvs u! Iffns u wants a copy of Mom's orginal artwerks, pleeze email us and we kin sind an electronic copy...
(laugh_safely at yahoo dot com)

Luvs, Katie Too n Bootsie Woo
Now fur sum stuffoms dat u needz to knoh.... From our Mom:
Please take time to read.... I am very serious...
My babies may depend on you for their lives. All purrayrz and actions on their account are furry welcum. I have put off posting this for several days. Their welfare is my main concern - for a place for them to live...(And if peeplez donts knoh dey cant helps. - Katie Too)

We iz preparing for the Worst Case Scenario....(and purraying for as best as can be
... when ya don't prepare, things get even worse.) This is furry badz... as Katie Too wood say.
Please Post a link on your blog.

My grandparent's old house, the house I am "living" in, is not up to city housing code. My mother is responsible for the house. They sent her a note last month detailing all we need to do to fix it...
Somehow the letter got mixed in with unimportant mail and junk. She found it about two weeks ago... The news was too much for her to deal with at the time... very long list. We haven't called city inspection yet about an extension and the "deadline" is the 6th. Since Mom's brain tumour surgery, she has trouble with numbers. She thought it was the 8th. Still doesn't give a lot of time. and since my husband's legal incident, I have very few options of friends who have carpentry and finish work experience.

I did try a possible avenue to help us work on the house - that fell through. I will try calling tomorrow for an extension - they will make us take down the electrical line going from Mom's house to my grandparent's...(It's construction grade in wall type stuff.... still not code to wire one house with another) Which means no electricity at all - no a/c. The house is old Victorian and two story. Stays fairly cool. I will have to sort out opening windows. They may even placard the house and the babies and I will have to move out quickly before they do so!! (I purray fur a better case than that!)

There is another piece of property in my deceased stepfather's name. Needs a work, but not as much as my grandparent's house. Still not in livable condition inside until someone seals all the wood from a flood of water damage several years ago. (and I mean a flood) I can stay on someone's couch, even downstairs in Mom's house... but lots of things have to go!!! I don't mind that...

Bottom line is... no place for the babies to go...

Until that wood is sealed...
no telling right now when that will be. I may know a self employed remodeler who can do the work, but no idea how we can pay him. And then no telling yet how good his work is or if sealing will take care of the musty problem and make the house livable.

The Special Kitty Unit (Elliott, Olivia, Munch, Harlee and Bella) and Maxie should be able to find homes through the Humane Society. Right now they are waiving the adult adoption fee... Max loves kittens and other cats... he's a big fat boy who loves kisses, playing track ball and needs to lose weight! I will be taking them to KSH either tomorrow or Friday.

Daisy is laid back and easy going and willing to do stuffoms, which is why she would do so well in a comedy film that has been postponed until further notice. I could find her another home... I love her sweet gentleness... If I have to, I can relinquish her to KSHumane Society. but if I keep her, KSH will spay her for thirty dollars when I relinquish her kittens... who turned 10 weeks old yesterday.

The Kansas Humane Society's current goal is that all "adoptable" animals will not be euthanized... a goal they would like to reach in five years. They have a new facility and lots more space... with puppy rooms, doggy rooms and kitty rooms -an amazing accomplishment so far!!! pdf Brochure

That leaves what they mean by adoptable and how far are they willing to go to find homes for animals that are just hyper or old or just need a little more attention? And what are they going to do with "adoptable" animals in the next five years? What are the odds that some cat is going to be put to sleep?

If the kittens are not adopted out... I can redeem them for 85.00 a piece and look for homes for them myself???

When I relinquish them, I'm going to ask everyone in the blogosphere to call the KSHumane Society that we all are rooting for the Special Kitty Unit!

My three other cats may need the help of all the cat blogosphere to find a place to live.

I have to find Mouse a "retirement home" the KS Humane society isn't making a place for such babies (that I'm aware of) - Mouse is 16, old, no teeth, needs lots of brushing, a piddle pad, cuz she physically can't stand still while plooping... and she purrs alot when loved... she growls at other babies (doesn't mean much... just likes being left alone in a corner)

I haven't heard anything about creating a "retirement" home for cats or dogs that just need a little more attention. I'm sure that North Shore Animal League has a waiting list, but they do have a place for cats to go who need a little helping hand but haven't found a foster home... and they ask for folks to "adopt" them online to help their care.

I will ask KS Humane Society if they know any local orgs or purrsons taking in "retirement" cats. Barring that, I will drive halfway to anyone willing to take her in... or if anyone knows a no kill shelter that takes in retirees but the cat needs to be a "local" Could you "claim" her so she can have some loving comfort in a furrever place?

Katie Too and Bootsie may need an emergency home until things get better. I would be willing to meet anyone half way who can look after them. I will send money for their care... until I can bring them back home.

A bit of Katie / Bootsie Background:
Katie Too and Bootsie are partially feral - not the best socialized.

Little Bootsie had a horrible trauma as the smallest kitten in a salvage yard. A big tom tried to kill her. Left a wound in her shoulder. Thank God I was able to discover that and get it drained. She lets me pick her up, but doesn't like cuddling. She growls but doesn't meen it. Just shy and scared of being attacked again. When relaxed, she likes her tummy rubbed. She still needs to be spayed. I think she is healthy enough now for her operation.

As a kitten, Katie Too just walked into a friend's house like she was on a mission to find her place in the world... My friend didn't keep her in the house most of the time until a few days before I came to pick her up and then they were keeping her in the bathroom. Their kids had made her quite hyper...and swatted her nose for being "bad." I had a long time helping Katie learn that banshee hissy fits were not acceptable. She loves to sit in laps of people she knows now, but she has her own purrsonality... and will go into a long vocal chirpy tirade of how things aren't right!

She hates carriers, but puts up with them now... oh you should have seen her as a six month old tearing the living daylights out of a cloth carrier when I took her to the basement during a tornado warning. God, she is so smart. She used to love taking things apart. She could tell that things opened, came apart or didn't belong somewhere. She took the drain grid out the bathtub and carried it to the foyer to play with!

Sincere Purrz,
Katie Kat,
aka Kat-Renee Kittel

Please email fur address.
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