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Monday, December 30, 2013

JasPurr Gots a bad kitty cold

The vet checked Jaspurr's lungs and oxygen level in his blood. His lungs looked good and his oxygen count was still in the normal range.  So far he has a bad upper respiratory infection.  Jazzie is back home now and will be taking antibiotics and getting steam therapy.  Please keep Jaspurr in your purrs that we caught infection in time.  -The Mom, aka Katie Kat.

The Mom am working on the Secret Paw Posts, so please checks back fur dat. 

-Purrz frum Moms Helper,
Lil Bear.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quick urgent post Jaspurr not breathing good

 The Mom was getting ready to post about How the car am working now and we loves our Chrissymouse prezzies.  Then she checked on Jazpurr  (aka Jaspurr) and he is not breathing well.  Some of the older kitties have been sneezing, but nothing serious until now.  The Mom and Uncle Mike are going to take him to the emergency vets... pleze keeps us in your purrs.

We will post abouts our Santa Pawz prezzies from Jobi, Fisher and Kitties at Ask Fisher and an updates on Jazpurr as soon as pawsible.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Meowy Christmas Day!

Hi ya folks, this am Annie May.  Please copy our Chrissymouse card above.

Us kitties spent Christmas Eve taking turns snoozing under the tree.  And I got to got first!  Ize never gets to go first!  So dat was my Chrissymouse surprise.  As you can see frum da photo dats our Secret Paw prezzies aren't there.  The humans couldn't get to the postie office to pick up our prezziez.  The Mom hopes to get to the postie office tomorrow or Friday and weze give you an update then.

Uncle Mike spent all yesterday working on the truck and dat had something called a differential that went broke and cant be fixed yet. Uncle Mike has to order the part. So Him and Mom spent all night working on the car to fix the clutch.

Now da Car am all fixed!!!!  So the Mom can takes our Nana out for Chrissymouse Dinner!  We'll visit evfurry ones bloggies furry soon...

Well we purrmiced to tells you bout Oreo.  The Mom furgot to tells you him am a big kitty.  This am him in the sinks staying warm... Him am getting tired of being in da bafroom and meowing a lot. But him not been nootered yet soo he stay in bafroom cause dats all the rooms we haves left in dis here Chrissymouse Inn.    Weze still haves snow and sunshiney bright today.  More stuffoms tomorrow...

Meowy Chrissymouse!
(Merry Christmas)

- Annie May and alla da Katz
at Katiez Furry Mewz.

"And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn."  Luke 2:7

Monday, December 23, 2013

We Gotted Snowed In and Da Car Am Broke

Now the Truck am Broke

After mom took Uncle Mike to works dis morning, the truck that Mom drives (it am Uncle Mike's too...) broke down on the highway and had to be towed back to Uncle Mike's house.  Thats two not working...  Not getting to post office today.  =^..^= 

Hello folks... just pawsing to let you know that the Mom hasn't been able to get to the post office yet to see if our Secret Paw prezzie has arrived.  Uncle Mike's car am broke and we hads lots of snows over the weekend.  The Mom hopes to go to the post office tomorrow and we'll update and let you know if Mom finds the box there! (update: Our Secret Pawz am Pawsome!

Dis am my furry furst Chrissymouse and furry furst for my cousins, Lulu, Annie, Joey and Laurabelle too!  Weze gots a furry small tree dat lites up wif difurrent colorz.  Mom and Uncle Mike will puts that up on Chrissymouse Eve and I gets to tells you all abouts our Prezzies on Chrissymouse!  Mom said I have to share... 
Tree has colored lights

Looks fur our Chrissymouse Card in next posties and you kins copy that from our bloggie.
And if you helped us with greenies da Mom am sending thank you surprises by snail mail... 

Weze am furry apologetic dats your thank yous didnt get mailed before Chrissymouse. We hopes to mail our thank you stuffoms as soon as pawsible though...

Derh am a kitty to tell you bouts!  His name am Oreo and he waz furry cold so Mom and Uncle Mike let him stay in bafroom for awhile. He may be Cousin Doobies brofur or sumpin, cause Doobie seems to know him. We tells you about Oreo and shows a picture in our next postie.

Purrz n Meowz,
Lil Bear.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lil Bear and the Kerplunky Thing

Hello There, I'm peeking out of my new Catnip Cave from Cat's Club. They am made right here in the USA and gots catnip purred right into it! The Mom would have shared an Amazon link to this purrduct, but seems they are cheaper at sum place called Walmart in the store, cause dats where she got dis one. It came wif 3 caves and wood makes a furry fun Chrissymouse gift!

Deze ones frum Walmart say Cat's Club.  Da ones onda internets cums wif 4 caves and say purrr and zowee!  But the Mom says you can go to your favorite grocery store and ask for a paper sack and rub catnip on it and draws on it fur your kitty...

Kerplunky Thing
Ize am doing lots better! I waz furry goods and tooks my medicine dat was really weird tasting raspberry in a syringe that the Mom mades me swallow in between eating my favorite things like Fancy Feast kitten Turkey and Yummy Chicken dat Mom Cooked fur me.   We am sooo furry thankful that Brian and Gracie at Brian's Home am had amazing recoveries too!  Gracie was really bads sick and now her am home and well again.
Bear tries to open Dis Am Mine

Duz anybody remembers da Kerplunky thing? Dat waz in da Thanksgiving post. Sum of you mites remembers dat Mom wouldn't let me eat Dis am Mine all by myselfs and dat I hads to share.  While I tried to open Dis Am Mine, Joey rolled the Kerplunky Thing into the hallway. Well I finds out - the Kerplunky Thing was really just fur me! 

Mom Opened the Kerplunky Thing
Mom took off the kerplunky stuff and there were 3 cans of kitty food!  Me the one really eating canned foods cause sum of my cousins tummies go whacky wif canned foods...  

Mom says the canned foods are called Purrfect Bistro and they came frum some place called  We gotted two Beef Wellington and One Surf + Turf Pate.
Purrfect Bistro

Lil Bear Tries Purrfect Bistro Beef Wellington
Here I am eating the Beef Wellington fur my evening meal. It was very yummy, but not very filling...Mostly gravy and hardly any meat at all.  About 3 in the morning, I woke Mom up cause my tummy was rumbly and needed more foods!  Mom fed me Fancy Feast foods which I gobbled ups and was very full.

Lil Bear Tries Purrfect Bistro Surf n Turf
So next night, the Mom let me try the Surf + Turf Pate... The Pate was much more filling than the Beef Wellington. 

The Mom says Purrfect Bistro changed the recipes and we gots to try the new formula.  The Mom thinks it would have been fun to try the old recipe too.

Dats my purrview.  We want to thanks Andy at fur sending us this wonderful package just before Thanksgiving.

Fur me, The Beef Wellington could works as a treat and the Surf + Turf was good when added to dry foods.

Purrz and Lots of Meowz
From Angel's Lil Bear.

P. S. Weze nots getting any greenies fur dis purrview... just to lets you know. Also, we just reads an old post from Brian's Home that went to ManxMnewz... Just wanted to say that we didn't know about that... We Gots one more purrview about Orijen cat treets... The Mom likes Orijen... soo til next time... purrz n stuffs.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thankful on Wednesday - Bear am better

This am me at the vetz
Lil Bear ventures out of the carrier
Last week when Laura Belle was sick, I started sneezing and sneezing... I hates sneezing. I was like sneezing all the times! And I gotted a sore throat and couldn't yell at the mom.  

Well on Monday morning, the Mom tried to give me my favorit Fancy Feast Kitten Turkey, I just ran around and around the bowl... Mom! 

How you eats and sneeze and breathes at the same time??? Ize hungry!  I couldn't figure out how to drink water neither so the Mom gave me three mouthfuls of foods and then I figured out the food stuff and ate some on my own. Then she open my mouth and puts water in it.  Stops that Mom! I can open my own mouth!  Okay.. I hop on your lap and tilt my head.  Den you tip the spoon and I open my mouth myself okay? Mom was very thankful that I knew she was trying to help me.

Dr. Johnson listens to Lil Bear's lungs
The Mom called Dr. Johnson and he could see me in the afternoon.  I was running a small fever and thankfully all the coughing and sneezing was just in my head and not in my lungs.  So Stephanie, thats the lady holding my paws, gave me a yucky pill and then the Mom tooks me home.  She gave me a little bit of a yucky pill called clortab, but it didn't seem to help.

Tuesday I hads to takes more yucky pills like the one Stephanie gave me! The Mom said that those yucky pills am Clavamox and our pharmacy was ordering doxycyline, but they didn't have it yet.  By Tuesday night, I ates some for the Mom and even drank water that night all by myself!  

And then this morning (Wednesday), I had to take another Clavamox.  I'm still sneezing, but not every second like before Dr. Johnson helped me.  I don't likes meds, but Mom and I am so furry thankful Ize feeling better... The pharmacy gots the doxy in so the Mom will pick that up tonight.  I don't think I will like it though... at least it not a yucky pill.

Please keeps me in your purrs... we will tells you more thankful stuffoms in our next post.

We still needs to tell you about the kerplunky thing frum Thanksgiving!  We will do that furry soon... And we gots our the Secret Paws 2013 mailing done too!

Angel's Lil Bear
No linky here.

P. S. Here's a way you can help Lil Bear and the Katz Gang by doing something you may already do. Click on the Amazon photo in our right hand column and bookmark it in your browser! When you shop at Amazon, use that link and the Katiez Katz will get a purrcentage of your purrchase.  Or use this linky which starts in the cat department:  Amazon Cat Supplies.

If there are other places you like to shop online, let the Mom know. She might be able to get a linky for that site too.

Purrz of Thanks and Meowy Christmas!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thankful Thursday Updates

Laura Belle came back frum the vets and Dr. Johnson finks her nots have infection soo no antibiotix rite now... 

Him said to watch Laura fur a few more days since her am not have a fever and am eating and gots her yelling lungs working (Laura meowed loudly all the way to the vet).... 

Howsome ever, Lil Bear am sneezing and Ize having sum trubble wif breathing a bits.

So the Mom might need to take Bear and me in later this weeks if we keeps having dis kitty cold stuffs too.

Please stops by Brian's Home and purr fur them too.  Gracie am doing betters in the oxygen tent at the vets and her ate a bit.  And "Brian is still a bit snotty and so is Precious."

Now how come dey cant come up wif a flu shot fur us kitties to takes like there am fur peeple?  

Thanks fur all da purrz,

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Two Posts and a Purr Please

I-Love Lulu
Good Afternoon furry Friends... My name is I-Love Lulu... yes dats my name... 

Evfurrybody just calls me Lulu or Lu fur short. The Mom named me after a street and someone named Lucille Ball cause I has a jester face and loves to play and make folks laugh. I was a bit of a Lulu when she first brought us in.  I wasn't good at trusting peeple yet... Now I loves them and makes chirpy sounds just to say I love you.  I'm not sure why she thinks I look like a ball though.
Furrst ams all we am doing Secret Paws dis year!  Weze am doing ours in two furry fun parts... One frum the Dad who am in another country and one package from all us kittiez and the Mom in America!  If we tells where the Dad am, it might give away where it am going...Well part one frum the Dad am mailed on Monday but the mom furgotted to tell the dad purrson about taking a photo...
Little Sammy in Da Box n Toby

He doesn't has a camera...sooo... weze tellz u dats der am fun stuffoms init.... sum treetz and Soft Toys Fur Whoppin (dis am clue)!!  The Dad said sumpin waz pink or blue but he dint send us a photo... (Dis Sammy in da box and Toby when dey waz little)  More bout dis in the postie about Mom's mailing...

Secondly, my brother Joey the Nike cat wons sumpin! 
At The Opinionated Pussycat, Joey entered a survey give away!
Here's the survey questions:
1. When does your human choose to give you treats?
and/or 2. What do you do to get them to do your bidding and give you treats? 3. How much do they give you at each serving?
Joey the Nike Cat
 Heres what Joey said:
Well I have to remind her to give out the treats to everyone you know... Lil Bear just yells at her and the Lady goes running to the bedroom to feed him... what about the rest of us? So he's the youngest... he's not little any more. He should eat with us in the kitchen... and we should eat his food for him... oh wait...that's why she closes the door.
Back to this treat thing. Sometimez when the dark comes through the windows, the Mom Lady rattles the treat bag.
How do I get her to give me the treats I require?
I have to reminder her that I am the main cat and should be fed first. I remind her by jumping on her shoulders. See I am the main boy cat. Nobody else does that.
Oh wait, Lil Bear keeps imitating me... He keeps getting on her shoulders. THAT'S MY JOB!!!
The only problem is that the Mom Lady needs to grow bigger shoulders now that I am about 14 inches long from shoulder blade to hip... She doesn't listen. Maybe if she ate the treats too then her shoulders would get bigger... oh well.
The Mom lady hands out these green crunchies and they are wonderful... I make her give me a ton of them of course. They are mine. All treats are mine. I am the NIKE CAT. I have to keep up my strength to save kitties tied to railway tracks and you know, Hero stuff.

And him won first place!!! wowee! Dats meens Joey has to share his Ideal Balance treets when they come!

Thirdly, this am my sister Laura Belle...
Laura Belle
Her am having the sniffles... The Mom am taking her to see Dr. Johnson dis afternoon fur hur sniffles... You see us four kits hads upper respiratory infections when we waz likes 3 weeks old. Sumtimes we have the sneezies still but we gets over dat. Laura not getting betters and bins sneezing and drippy nose fur lots of days. So her needz purrz. 

Soon us gurls will need our lady surgeries and we are going to Dr. Johnson and nots a low cost clinic cause we waz sick as little girls and Dr. Johnson will monitor us during surgery and make sure we am safe. 

Weze gonna finds out how much that will be and ask Dr. Johnson to set up an account dat you can donate to helps us gets our surgeries safe and sound and comes home healthy. 

Anna May
When Angel went to the Rainbow Bridge after her lady surgery, the Mom decided that it am best dat me, Laura Belle and Anna May (formerly Pattie - she didn't like the puffy sound of "P" -mom ) will go to see Dr. Johnson. Since he will be using all the latest surgery equipment like heart monitors and oxygen and stuffs it will cost more...yet we will comes home safe and sound.  And dat am worth everything.  We will get you the information on how you can donate directly to Dr. Johnson fur our surgeries and how much funds we will need.
Furry thanks so much fur stopping by and do please purr fur Laura Belle... We will have updates in our next postie.

Purrz n Stuffoms
I-Love Lulu... 

Thankful Thursday Updates:
Laura Belle came back frum the vets and Dr. Johnson finks her nots have infection soo no antibiotix rite now... Him said to watch her fur a few more days since Laura am not have a fever and am eating and gots her yelling lungs working (Laura meowed all the way to the vet)....
Purrz, Lulu.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Tail of Yummy

We am furry thankfuls fur our pawsome friendz and datz weze haves a foster Mommy to luvz us.

So wif Annie at Lucy's Lounge (her thot of dis verse 1st), we say dis: "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of G-d fur all in the Messiah."
Purrz, Katie Kat.

(lol cat translation = 1 Thess 5:18 Say thnx all de timez, faw dis iz wot Ceiling Cat wants an’ Happy Cat too)

Now we brings u da Caturday post dat gotz losted frum da badz pooter
Dis Am The Tail Uv Yummy Purrviewz Pt 1:

Dis am mine

Yes Mom. I can Read Dis. It say Dis Am Mine.

Actually Lil Bear, it says, "Weruva Cats in The Kitchen - Mack Jack and Sam"

And Bear, you have to share...

 Noz I donts. Dis am Mine! All peeplez gohz away! Goh do sumpinz else! (Kerplunky sounds are heard.)
(kerplunky thing)
Joey: Hey guyz, dehrz a kerplunky thing. It am rolld off da table! It smell good. Lessee wher it goez... (Joey rolls kerplunky thing out of the living room and into the back hallway... other katz leave and follow kerplunky thing. Lil Bear left on coffee table.)

All katz goned... NOW I opens dis all mine... yum yum yum....(Mom takes pouch away and tears it open)  

Lil Bear, We have to vote on how everyone likes this Weruva Treats and then you can have some. MOM! But dis all mine! 

 Okay so Laura Belle, Joey and Lulu Luvs dis... 

I luvz it tooz!! says Anna May (not in pic) 

 Jazpurr haz ta haves dis...
Jordi wood pose wif dis... 

Tommy likes dis

Sammy wants dis on hims Chrissymouse list...

Boo Boo wudz cum out of hiding fur dis.

Miri sayz... I luvz it too!
and Doobie n Toeby, Katie Too n Max n Bootsie Woo luvz dis yummiez!

Soh dis vote am purrtee much unanimouse!!!  WE eats now!

Lil Bear someone is going to have to lick your head... you have yummies onit.

WE are furry thankful on Thanksgiving dats send dis yummy purrduct to triez! 

Da Mom just foundz out dis yummy stuffoms am on sale too... Weruva Mack Jack and Sam - 8 pouches (3 oz).  But we dint knoh dats...whin Mom went ta gets da linky it said on sale! And dey gots other flavors too, likes Chicken n Duck and Tuna in Pumpkin Soup.  Mom!!!  

Lil Bear: u kin buyz deze rites?  and din it all mine... 
Joey: Noh you will have to share...

But what about da kerplunky thing???? What am dat???   

Stay tuned fur more adventurez in the Tails of Yummiez!

Happy Thanksgiving... May you haves rests from ur labor... weze tells more bouts what we ams thankful fur in our next post.

Happy Hannukah... and may miracles happen in your lifes... and weze tells bout what we needs miracle fur too.

Purrz and Purrayerz to all.... the Katie Katz Gang.

(Taste testing tooks place last Caturday. The mom been under the weathers and so has da computer.  The mom gotz antibiotix now... but computer keeps restarting and doin weird video stuffs... likes Blue Screen of Death and video freezing with double colored lines and din the mousie and keyboard dont work... I purrmise mom dat not me! I chewed onda cell phone charger, not da pooter.
-- Purrz Angel's Lil Bear)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mom's Little Helpers

Helping Mom Find Her Keys
Helping Mom fix her computer
Happy Caturday!!
 Thank you so much for all your purrz fur Katie Too.

 The video card went couldn't post for a while.
Until Bear fixed it for me.

Katie Kat

This post is Starring Laura Belle and Angel's Lil Bear.

Friday, November 08, 2013

A Quick Postie Bout Katie Too

Hiya Folks, This am Katie Too.

I am being featured in the photos at Willowbend Animal Hospital's Facebook Photo Album.

Thanks to our Friends Karen in Australia and Brian's Home, I went to the vets last Furryday, November 1st.  All the meanie tape worms am gone bye bye!!!

Please keep me in your purrz.  I will be 11 years old in January 2014. 
Dr. Johnson found a new thing in my check up.  I have a slight heart murmur.   

Also, we have changed the banner on our bloggie and I somewhat approove...the tabby cat is cute, but no idea who the kitty is and I really think the Mom should use one of us kitties with a newspaper...that's what I get for taking a looong nap from blogging with the Mom.  Well she promises to make some photos sooo we'll see whooo gets the bestest pix.  

And pleeeze Mom, get a new photo of Joey and his sisters... they are much bigger now than that little pic at the top!  Joey is like the longest cat I have ever seen!!! And he's only 6 months old!

I am back as the Junior Executive of Katiez Furry Mewz, so I will be posting Mewz more often.

Especially since I should be spending more time with the Mom versus all these foster kitties!  Really Mom... find their homes already!  They need their moms and I need mine!  Oh all right, I guess Lil Bear can stay and maybe Doobie... Toby is Uncle Mike's cat...but that's it! Seriously.

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Junior Executive
Katiez Furry Mewz.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angel Has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

With sad and heavy heart I must share that On Thursday morning just after her spay surgery, Little Bear's Mom, Angel leaped over the rainbow bridge.  The Vet believed she had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.  They had just placed her back in the carrier after her surgery when she gave a gasp and past away... 

No charge from the vets... Donations given for her surgery will help pay for her memorial urn from Pet Angel.  Any donations for her memorial would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday afternoon, a
s I woke from a grieving nap,  I believe this message came to me: "I'm happy now."  Maybe she was given a choice to return to a harsh life outdoors or come home. The vet told me Angel was actually much older than I thought.  Who knows how many litters of kittens she had in the past...  I do know that this 7 kitten litter was so stressful that three kittens lost their lives...
The stress of the labor may have left damage that we couldn't see.

With loving memory to a smart and caring Mommy cat who never got to know the love and purrz that her kittens will know... but now knows the peace and joy beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe her kittens met her on the other side...

There will be a Day...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little Bear Furry Mewzday Update

Hey ya peeplez...

I ates alot today!  Whoopee!

Well Ize bin furry sicks since last Thursday when my tummy just not likes nuffin!  and all my foods cumz outs.

Well i trieds to be a good boy n eats stuffoms on Furryday buts my tummy not feel so good... but i waz a goods boy and thursty soo i dranks lots of water and ate a little bits of foods...buts i hads runny stuffs for going potty and den on Caturday i throwed ups agin but nuffin waz dere.

Da mom tooks me to see a nise man,
buts i no likes care rides as you can see here...

When we gits to da nise man's place (Dr. Johnson of Willowbend Animal Clinic), dere waz lots of noises cuz peeples was on da vet roofs poundin hammers... why dey do dat? dat noisy stuffs...  Mom, n Uncle Mikes n da nise man n me waz in dis room.  Mom gots my weight and I hads lost sum (2.97 at 10 weeks...)  but da nise man tried to looks at me and check my tummy and puts a weird thing in my rump... while all dis dum pound pound pound on da roofs!

So da nise man said lets all go outside!  yay!!! so back in da carrier i go... dis time i not mind too much cause i wants away from alla noise.  Well mom sits me in da car while da nise man talks to her bouts sumpin called deworming and metro sumpin pills (metronidazole).  da next fing I knoh some lady comes outa da buidling and put yucky stuff in my mouf dat i swallowed... pooh.  what dat? yuck!  and da nise man gives mom a bottle wifs sumfings init.

Den Mom and Uncle Mike gets inda car and we go to a big place.. and I gohs sleepy onda way there.  Well Mom wakes me up when her takes me in carrier inda building and puts it ina cart wif wheels so we go shopping fur sumpin i can eats.  I finks Mom called it Pet Smart... well i finks dey am dumb cause day lets dogs run around and scarez me.  soh i not want outa da carrier.

Mom founded sum can (Simply Nourish Tuna and Potato for sensitive tummies) and opened it and it smelled purttee good so she opened da carrier door and I peeked out and drank alla broth off da tuna and Potatoes.. buts dats all.  so den weze finally gets back homes after I told Mom and Uncle Mike who drove da car to TAKES ME OUT A DIS CARRIER!!! again... Guess dat told dem.

Den Mom gave me dis yucky bits of sumpin dat waz inda bottle da nise man gave her -  awful yuckiesi!  MoooM!  what dat fur???  but Ize sooh tired dat i fell sleep...  I felt like eatin a bits again dats nites.

Din on Sunnyday, da Mom gives me dat yucky pill agin but her used sumpin called a syringe and it wen right down!  well dat not soh bads so I hops away n finds da waters and drank and drank... I ates a bit bout twice... and some of dat Tuna and potato stuffs.

Soh well ize gettin tired of dictatin to Mom whats to writes...

Monnyday Ize told Mom to stops wif all da foods fur sicks peeple and gives me back my Fancy Feast!!  Soh din I ates about three times yester day but just spoonf ful each cuz tummies gotta heal ya know...  Well da Mom gave me dat weird pill thing two times yesterday.

And dis morning I wokes Mom and yelled "IM REALLLY HUNGRY!!! WHERE MY FOODS?!?"

Mom picked me ups and we gohs to da fun eating room (bathroom btw.. so the big kitties dont take Bears food)  and I shows her how hungry I am!!

See I ate a lot and it waz YUMMY! My appetite am all back!

Boy waz dats a bads weekend.  Mom waz all furry worried but I fink dats between me drinking waters and da nise man and liquid stuffs (dewormer) and da weird pills (still taking those) dats Ize getten much betterz!  Ize gonna takes a nap now.

See ya Later and thanks for alla da Purrz!!!

And thanks to a nise lady named Karen in Australia fur sending sum funds.  Moms gonna use it to help my kitty mom Angel get her spaying done.  Mom gonna get dat scheduled dis week.  (btw, Bears visit due to an office discount and a credit for a referral - waz only 34.00... =^..^=)